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Dean of Students

Ashland School District


Position Type:

Ashland High School

Date Available:

Closing Date:
open until filled

2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR

Hours/FTE: 1.0 FTE; Probationary

Oregon Teaching certification required. Demonstrated proficiency in effective communication, organization and supervision required. Proven ability to develop positive relationships with high school students and to implement consistent student discipline system required. Knowledge of PBIS and restorative justice preferred. Ability to meet job description requirements and district standards for teachers is required.

Covid-19 vaccination required upon employment.

Salary: Based on licensed salary schedule.

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. A minimum of three years of successful teaching experience at the secondary level. 2. A bachelor's degree or higher 3. An Oregon teaching certificate (TSPC approved). 4. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board of Directors may find appropriate and acceptable.

REPORTS TO: Principal

JOB GOAL: To develop and ensure that an effective campus security and student management program is effectively implemented.

PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Meet with students, parents, and teachers to mediate disputes, discuss behavior problems, and determine discipline. 2. Develop clear guidelines, rules and procedures and ensure that they are known by the school community and included in the student handbook. 3. Supervise the school security and student management program which includes the following: a. Ensure that these rules, guidelines, and procedures are consistently followed and enforced with care and respect. b. Ensure that due process is followed in the enforcement of discipline. c. Ensure that work details, detention, and other disciplinary activities are supervised. d. Communicate with parents. e. Maintains discipline records for a minimum of three (3) years. 4. Work with law enforcement agencies and the juvenile department to promote a violencefree campus. 5. Supervise school parking lots, bus arrivals and departures, lunch periods, class change periods, and other periods in the day when students are out of classrooms. 6. Supervise school activities such as sporting events and dances. 7. Help coordinate the school supervision plan. 8. Supervise the graduation ceremony, including arranging for staff members to help supervise the line-up and behavior of students during the ceremony. 9. Ensure that adequate chaperones are at all school activities. Dean of Students Page Two 10. Assist with scheduling of assemblies and other student activities. 11. Assist in the selection of students for awards. 12. Regularly communicates with the school administrative team and the counseling staff regarding discipline issues and other areas of job responsibilities. 13. May, as designed by the principal, suspend or expel students who violate various school rules following consultation with the principal or his or her designee. 14. Participate in designated staff development activities meetings, and conferences designed to provide educational growth and development. 15. Perform those duties and responsibilities expected of all staff members.

EVALUATION: Performance of these job responsibilities will be evaluated annually in accordance with Board policy.