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Intermediate Elementary Teacher

Powell Butte Community Charter School

Powell Butte Community Charter School is a rural K-8 school offering a unique public school option in Crook County. Through place-based education, PBCCS is committed to offering integrated learning experiences that inspire creativity, hands on exploration of the natural world and service in the local community.

An intermediate elementary teacher is the primary instructional delivery person in the classroom. Student learning and growth are dependent on the work and efforts of the teacher. This position is demanding, varied and complex. The teacher must have excellent verbal and written communication, interpersonal skills and be well trained in content knowledge and research-based teaching strategies. A passion for creating integrated learning experiences that root students in their community is essential to the place-based education mission of PBCCS. The intermediate elementary teacher must be able to successfully perform essential duties and responsibilities in an environment that supports a positive school culture and learning environment, as well as the place-based education mission.

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