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Director of Financial Services

Eugene School District 4J
Closing date: 
Sunday, May 29, 2022

Position Summary:

Purpose: Plan, implement, manage, and ensure the success of all aspects of the District’s budget, financial services, and business systems. Direct the financial services of the district and oversee all daily activities related to planning, implementing, managing and controlling costs of financial-related activities, including Business Systems and Financial Services (accounting, finance, payroll, budget, forecasting, strategic planning, costing, analysis and negotiations, investments, etc.). Provide professional and strategic analysis and counsel to the Superintendent, Cabinet, Board, Budget Committee and District administrators. Support and implement strategic Board goals and provide direction and leadership in the achievement of the District’s philosophy, mission, vision and annual goals and objectives.

Essential Functions
Direct all administrative and financial functions of Financial Services.
Provide leadership in and execute all duties in the highest ethical manner.
Ensure compliance with ethics laws, policies, and directives.
Perform all duties of the Chief Financial Officer for the District including leading strategic financial planning initiatives such as long-range financial forecasts and service and funding plans. Facilitate District Directors in identifying financial goals for the District.
As a member of the Superintendent’s Executive Council, participate in setting strategic direction and policies for the organization, addressing district-wide and cross departmental management issues.
Serve as District spokesperson on financial issues; present District’s fiscal position to the organization, School Board, budget committee and the public. Prepares and submits agenda items for presentation and discussion before the School Board.
Perform all duties of deputy clerk for the District, entering into financial related obligations on the District’s behalf.
Perform all duties of a budget officer as required by state law. Prepare the annual budget under the general direction of the Superintendent for proposal to the School Board and budget committee. Ensures the budget process and financial reporting complies with applicable laws and District policy.
Coordinate all financial aspects of District elections for ballot measures and levies. Coordinate issuance of general obligation bonds and management of District debt.
Oversee district budget: review financial status reports, prepare, and revise projections, ensure budgetary transactions comply with statutes governing public bodies, and make recommendations on budget changes.
Oversee the creation of the District's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). Complete complex portions of the report and ensure all aspects of the report are reviewed for accuracy and completeness prior to audit. Present the audited CAFR to the Audit & Finance Committee of the Board, and ensure the CAFR is presented to the School Board as required by law.
Manage the development, conversion, and maintenance of business administrative management information systems for the District.
Manage highly complex projects; provide staff assistance to the Superintendent’s Cabinet, Budget Committee and Board in the development and implementation of financial, service and political strategies.
Direct the financial functions of the District including payroll, accounting, general accounts receivable and payable, grants, student body accounts, cash management, and audit.
Supervise the monitoring of the district’s financial outlook and prepare the district’s annual financial forecast, annual budget, supplemental budgets and ongoing revenue and expenditure projections.
Provide information and counsel to District administrators regarding financial regulations, policies and goals and the implications of financial decisions.
Oversee the financial aspects/functions of school finance positions and provide regular support to principals. Ensure school accounting is in compliance with applicable state and federal laws and District policy.
Perform specialize financial or cost analysis research and analyze historical accounting transactions. Manage the accumulation and consolidation of financial data necessary for accurate forecasting of consolidated financial results.
Administer the financial aspects of the district’s contracts with charter schools.
Support District representatives in employee collective bargaining, employee benefit and compensation administration by overseeing financial analysis relating to employment issues and participating on management bargaining teams.
Work with external auditors, financial advisors, bond counsel, underwriters, and regulatory entities to address financial issues or capital financing.
Conduct and oversee research; prepare reports on financial issues such as new revenue, strategic planning, and economic forecasts, recommends changes in policies and practices. Design financial models create and/or evaluate proposals for changes in operations.
Review and recommend action on proposed and approved legislation and regulations related to school funding.
Plan, direct and coordinate department work activities; assign projects and programmatic areas of responsibility; review and evaluate work methods and procedures; meet with key staff to identify and resolve problems.
Make recommendations to establish appropriate service and staffing levels; monitor and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery methods and procedures; allocate resources accordingly.
Select, supervise, and evaluate assigned staff; assign work and ensure appropriate training is provided; investigate complaints, recommend and administer disciplinary actions; manage sensitive personnel matters and recommend grievance responses.
Make recommendations based on new developments in professional standards, legislation, and industry practices.
Provide assistance and support for team members and projects as needed.

Minimum Qualifications:

Master’s degree in Finance or closely related field; and
CPA highly preferred; and

Five (5) years of experience reflecting skills shown below. Three (3) years of the experience must have included supervision, resource proposals, planning and monitoring within a single operational or focus area.

Equivalency to the education and experience outlined above will also be considered: An equivalent combination of education and/or experience equaling ten (10) years will be evaluated. However, there will be no substitution for the three (3) years of supervision of staff, project coordination, resource proposals, planning and monitoring within a single operational or focus area.

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