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Assistant Principal/Athletics Director

Gervais School District
Closing date: 
Friday, June 24, 2022

• Assistant Principal/Athletics Director
(While candidates with administrative licenses are preferred, those individuals who are currently enrolled in a program but will not be completed by July 1, 2022, will still be considered. Pay scale for these
candidates will be based on licensed pay scale for the 2022-23 school year plus an additional stipend.)
• Contract is for the 2022/23 School Year
• Assistant Principal $79,517 - $86,890(Admin. Licensed), $42,434 – $83,988(In Admin. Program) Depending upon experience/
Athletics Director Stipend $5,000
o Choice of all health plans offered through Oregon Educator Benefit Board
o District contribution toward medical insurance of $1,550/month
o Annual Tuition benefit or Technology purchase of $2500
o District paid public employee retirement contribution of 6%.
o Rural School District with small class sizes.
• Early August 2022
• Lead Administrator of Alternative School.
• Highly Proficient in Instructional Best Practices.
• Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) Competent.
• Assists the principal in the school level student management plan.
• Prepares a 6-12 Curriculum Guide and facilitates the scheduling process.
• Facilitates the college entrance preparation for all graduating seniors. To include college applications, financial aid, scholarships.
• Enforces all policies relating to student discipline and attendance.
• Administers student discipline in cooperation with the principal.
• Facilitates senior graduation ceremony.
• Facilitates academic guidance to all 6-12 students.
• Organizes, coordinates, and administers the keeping of student attendance records and related reporting and communication requirements.
• Enforces all policies relating to student discipline and attendance.
• Administers student discipline in cooperation with the principal.
• Interprets programs and policies to parents and public.
• Deals with citizen complaints not received by the principal.
• Assists the principal in attendance at evening functions relating to school program.
• Assists teachers in adapting programs to the interests and needs of students.
• Supervises student activities before and after school hours.
• Works as a counselor in matters of student problems.
• Assists the principal with teacher evaluations.
• Assists teachers in improving classroom management skills.
• Develops, fosters, and models effective student behavior management skills.
• Provides leadership in moments of school crisis in the absence of the principal.
• Assists the principal with the master schedule and prepares all student class schedules.
• Disseminates assessment data for additional interventions.
• Assists the principal in motivating and leading the school staff toward the improvement of student behavior in and out of the classroom.
• Assists the principal in motivating and leading school reform in the areas of CCSS and Performance Based Grading and Learning.
• Fulfills other related duties as assumed or assigned.
• Valid Oregon Administrative & Teaching license with appropriate subject endorsements, if needed.
• Bachelors or higher degree in education or other acceptable educational training in area of study as required by Oregon license.
• Valid First Aid Card as requested by Principal.
• Knowledge of laws, rules, and policies in student management.
• Knowledge of best practices in behavior management and communication strategies.
• Such alternative to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.
 Visit the Gervais website at Click on “Employment” at the bottom of the page under “Quick Links”, select the “TalentEd District Employment Application” tab, or use the hyperlink below.
 Submit your Powered by TalentEd electronic application with the following additional documents.
• A letter of interest addressing your strengths relative to the position.
• A current professional resume.
• 3 current letters of reference.
• A copy of your Teaching License issued by Teachers Standards and Practices; and
• A copy of college transcripts

*If a current application, resume, and placement file are already with the district office, please submit a letter/email of interest for this vacancy to reactivate the file to