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Director of Curriculum & Instruction 7-12

Shelton School District


Provides district-wide leadership in the ongoing planning, implementation, development, direction, review
and evaluation of the District’s curriculum, instructional services, and professional development. This
position works in coordination with school and district leaders to ensure the educational services provided to
students leads to positive experiences and outcomes for students.

Depending upon the individual assignment, the Director of Curriculum and Instruction 7-12 performs all or a
combination of several of the following duties. This list of essential functions is not exhaustive and may be
supplemented as necessary.
1. Under the direction of the Executive Director of Instructional Programs PK-12, the Director of
Curriculum and Instruction 7-12 is responsible for oversight and leadership of 7-12 curriculum,
including vertical and horizontal alignment and pacing, managing curriculum leaders, managing the
curriculum adoption cycle and instructional program review.
2. Provides oversight and leadership of 7-12 Professional Development.
3. Coordinates district-wide 7-12 Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for ELA and math that ensure
smooth transitions between grade levels and buildings.
4. Monitors and adopts research and/ or evidence-based practices in instruction and curriculum that
would best meet the educational needs of students in the Shelton School District.
5. Fosters a safe, compassionate and caring environment that places the interest of students and staff as
the highest priority.
6. Supports, promotes and protects the core mission and educational beliefs of the district.
7. Supports schools in developing systems and structures that accelerate learning for students working
below grade level in ELA and math pre7-12.
8. Maintains a comprehensive 7-12 assessment system for ELA and math that includes screening,
diagnostics, and progress monitoring.
9. Facilitates collaboration to systematize practices between the district’s elementary schools and
middle school.
10. Monitors district-wide assessment results and facilitate changes by working directly with building
administration and teachers when students are not making sufficient progress in ELA and/or math in
grades 7-12.
11. Collaborates with staff responsible for Curriculum and Instruction 7-12, Special Education, Title I,
LAP, Indian Education, and ELL to ensure coordination of services.
12. Collaborates with principals and teacher committees in organizing coordinated grade level and
departmental meetings to effect horizontal and vertical continuity and articulation of the instructional
program throughout the District.13. Facilitates internal and external communications to ensure that staff, students, and families are aware
of program options and how to access them.
14. In partnership with the Director of Curriculum and Instruction PK-6 facilitates review, monitoring,
data collection, and updating of district plan for highly capable students, including management of
iGrant form package.
15. Manages the identification process, services models /strategies and trainings for staff to best serve
students who quality for highly capable services.
16. Participates in district level committees as appropriate.
17. Assists with ELA and math core curriculum adoptions, selection of reading intervention instructional
materials, and selection of specialized materials for students who qualify for state and federal
programmatic services (e.g., English Learner, Special Education, Native Education, High Capable,
Title 1, Learning Assistance Plan, etc.).
18. Provides oversight and monitoring of Career and Technical Education (CTE) district-wide.
19. Provides leadership and vision for college and career readiness as it relates to course work,
educational experiences, community service, social / emotional development and managing
independence for students starting as early as kindergarten.
20. Partners with secondary schools to provide smooth, positive experiences for students as they
transition from 8th to 9th grade. Leadership in this area includes summer bridge programs, orientation
for families and students, and mentoring / academic counseling in 9th grade.
21. Monitors student performance data, including credits, grades, attendance, and AP exams, SBA, ACT,
and SAT.
22. Provides support to Career Academies development and implementation in our high schools.
23. Collaborates with the Director of Special Services in the selection of instructional materials and
methodologies that best support students with disabilities.
24. Coordinates and helps supervise curriculum leaders in partnership with the Director of Curriculum
and Instruction PK-6.
25. Coordinates and/or provides professional development on curriculum, instructional strategies, etc.
26. Maintains a curriculum library for staff use.
27. Other related duties as assigned

**Salary range of $148,755 - $160,360 takes effect 9/1/22. Salary range for the period of 7/1/22 - 8/31/22 is $141,000 - $152,000**

• Ability to work effectively with students, staff, families, and members of the community.
• Knowledge of effective strategies for providing intervention to students working below grade level in
• Familiarity with Multi-Tiered System of Support and related structures.
• Facility for use of data to inform instruction.
• Understanding of specialized needs of students who are historically underserved
• Knowledge of appropriate instructional practices related to state and federal programmatic services in
grades 7-12.
• Excellent written and communication skills.
• Facility for technology – including instructional applications, testing systems, data systems.
• Ability to train, coach, and model strategies for differentiation of instruction and implementation of
district adopted instructional materials and strategies.
• Excellent organizational skills.
• Ability to work independently and follow through on commitments.

School setting, offices and school environments PK-12. Outdoor travel between buildings, experiencing
frequent interruptions, and schedule changes. Required to deal with a wide range of situations, behaviors and
abilities. This job involves use of computers, instructional software and internet.

• At least 5 years successful teaching experience in 7-12 grade settings.
• Bachelor’s Degree and Washington State Teacher Certification.
• Formalized training (workshops, institutes, courses, endorsements, etc.) in providing state and federal
programmatic services

REPORTS TO: Executive Director of Instructional Programs K-12

260 day contract, with full benefits; salary is according to the adopted salary schedule.

Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the Washington State