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Vice Principal - Athletic Director

Lake County School District #7

LCSD #7 is looking for a Daly Middle School (DMS) / Lakeview High School (LHS) Vice Principal / Athletic Director, grades 7-12, for the upcoming 2022-23 school year.

Relocation Bonus - $1,500.

Performance Bonus after one successful year - $1,000.

Salary Range: $84,500 - $96,500.

Start Date - July 1, 2022.

FTE 1.0.

This position is OPEN until filled.

Special Qualifications:

Valid Oregon TSPC administrative license
Valid Oregon TSPC teaching license
Experience with Athletics, Activities, and of OSAA
Experience with student management and discipline


REPORTS TO: Principal

SUPERVISES: Shares in the supervision of all staff in cooperation with the principal.

JOB GOAL: To assist in the smooth operation of the school by working with staff and students; to provide the best learning environment possible, and to assist in meeting the goals of the school and the district.To promote, direct, and coordinate all student athletic contests in accordance with the OSAA and District policies and procedures.


Assumes the duties and responsibilities of the principal in his or her absence.
Is responsible for accounting procedures for student attendance.
Is responsible for student truancy and student attendance committee.
Works with student discipline problems and with staff on student behavior.
Shares responsibility with principal for staff supervision and evaluation.
Assists in the supervision of student activities.
Assists with the daily operation of the building.
Assists in planning, budgeting, and policy development.
Assists with student scheduling.
Shares responsibility for curriculum development and supervision.
Supervises the school lunch program.
Performs other such duties as may be assigned by the principal.
Supervise the Assistant Athletic Director.


Schedules all athletic contests, subject to the final approval of the superintendent.
Assists the principal in recommending all coaching assignments through the superintendent to the Board for approval (Ref: Policy 3400).
Assist the coaches to prepare facilities for athletic events including the preparation of the playing areas, seating arrangements, installation and operation of the public address systems, locker rooms, and reception of guest teams and coaches.
Arranges for and approves payment of services of all game officials.
Assist coaches in preparing budget requests and recommends the athletic department budget to the principal. Reviews annually, with the principal and coaching staff, the equipment and facility needs of the athletic department and sets up a long-range purchasing plan.
Consults with coaches and recommends to the principal all purchases of supplies and equipment.
Serves as liaison between Lakeview Booster Club and the coaching staff.
If applicable, prepares eligibility lists as required by the rules and regulations of the OSAA, and administers the district’s policy on academic requirements.
Assists and coordinates the performance of coaches’ duties and responsibilities as outlined in the Athletic Handbook, District Policies, and rules and regulations of the our Conference and OSAA.
Develops and maintains an inventory control for all athletic equipment.
Represent the District at league meetings and OSAA.
Holds meetings with the coaching staff. A special session for reviewing District Policies and the Athletic Handbook shall be required for new coaches and/or coaches who are not staff members.
Provides for the supervision of all students in accordance with District Policies, Coach’s Handbook and Athletic Handbook.
Prepares and submits to the principal a summary report and evaluation of each sports program within two weeks after the season ends.
Supervises concession stands.

Interested applicants may apply through the TalentEd Recruit & Hire job board. For further information contact Superintendent, Michael Carter, at (541) 947-3347. EOE.