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Elementary Special Education Teacher

Seaside School District 10

JOB TITLE: Elementary Special Education Teacher, 1.0 FTE
REPORTS TO: Building Principal and Special Services Director

JOB SUMMARY: Elementary Special Education Teachers are employed to provide specialized learning experiences to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities. In a supportive and positive learning environment, students receive specially designed instruction around their individual education plan goals and objective.

1. Bachelor’s Degree or higher.
2. Hold or be eligible for Oregon Teaching Certification with special education endorsement.
3. Ability to establish positive relationships with students, staff, and parents from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
1. Prior successful experience teaching students with disabilities in a variety of settings.
2. Experience developing legally compliant Individual Education Plans.
3. Proficient in Trauma Informed Practices and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies.
4. Proficient in the use of educational technology systems.
1. Use multiple sources of information to develop comprehensive understanding of students’ strengths and needs.
2. Collaborate with school personnel and family members to systematically design specialized instruction for students with disabilities in identified areas of need.
3. Work in partnership with school personnel to provide instructional and developmental supports for students with disabilities in a variety of settings.
4. Support students to cope with personal, emotional, and psychological issues that impact their school performance.
5. Establish and maintain a consistent, organized, respectful and effective learning environment
6. Monitor student progress regularly and provide written reports of progress toward IEP goals to parents in accordance with the District’s schedule.
7. Establish and maintain open lines of communication with students, staff and families concerning students’ progress towards their individual goals.
8. Serve as case manager for students eligible for special education and related services.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 190-day contract at 1.0 FTE. Salary as per negotiated contract with an excellent benefits package. Starting date: August 2022.

TO APPLY: Submit an application online by going to our employment page:

QUESTIONS: Questions about the position: Contact Juliann Wozniak, 503-738-5161. Questions about the application process: Contact Leslie Garvin, 503-738-5591.

TIMELINE: Closing date: When filled.

The Seaside School District, in support of employment practices free of barriers to disabled individuals and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, provides reasonable accommodations necessary upon request and appropriate notice. For further information or assistance, contact the Business Manager at (503)738-5591. Speech/hearing impaired individuals may reach the District through the Oregon Telecommunications Relay Service by dialing 1(800)735-2900.