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ELL Teacher - part-time

Parkrose School District #3

Recruitment Bonus: $1000 (paid in November)

ELL Teacher – part-time
2022-2023 School Year
Shaver Elementary School
*Salary Range: $22,230 - $43,997 (based on .5 FTE); includes generous benefits package
Hours: 20 hours per week
Days: 191 days per year
Deadline: Open Until Filled; Applications received by June 28, 2022 will be given first consideration

Overview: The position of “Teacher” performs under the supervision of a principal or other designated supervisor and has responsibility for the instruction and supervision of students. Teachers facilitate student success in academic and interpersonal skills. The instruction of students shall include individual skill development, expansion of knowledge and development of ability to reason. Supervision of students shall include guidance, development and safety. The classroom teacher functions in accordance with District approved curriculum, policies, rules, regulations and the performance standards of the District/State and the performance goals established for the teacher. The teacher addresses specific educational needs of students; providing a safe and optimal learning environment and providing feedback to students, parents and administration regarding student progress, expectations, goals, etc. The teacher maintains a cooperative attitude with staff, parents and students. Parkrose expects teachers to be aware of and maintain “The competent educator standards” found in the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR 584-020-0010) which is attached to this job description.

Job Requirements:
• A valid Oregon teaching certificate with appropriate endorsement from the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) is required upon hiring. It is the employee’s responsibility to maintain their license and acquire the necessary credits to renew.
• If the posted position is within the CORE academic area, you must be designated as highly qualified by both TSPC and the State of Oregon to teach the CORE subject.
• Ability to prepare effectively for class
• Ability to develop and communicate appropriate grading standards to students
• Maintain positive interpersonal relationships
• Document student progress
• Knowledge of age appropriate teaching methods, state curriculum framework, education code, appropriate instructional subjects.
• Multicultural Competency
• Must be able to provide proof of COVID vaccination

• Bilingual
• Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies
• Sheltered Instruction/SIOP
• Differentiated Instruction
• Professional Learning Communities
• Experience with diverse students preferred

Reports to: Building Principal or Supervisor

License, Certifications, Bonding, and/or Testing Required:
• Criminal Justice Fingerprint Clearance (cost to the employee: $12.50 for fingerprints at the time of registration; $66.00 for criminal background check will be paid through a one-time payroll deduction)
• First Aid/CPR/AED certification, or the ability to obtain

To Apply: Candidates will complete the Parkrose application online at TalentEd. In order for your application to be complete, you must submit the documents listed below in addition to the application at TalentEd:
• Cover Letter
• TalentEd Application
• Resume
• Three (3) current letters of recommendation
• Essay Questions:
1. Describe your experience in teaching and/or serving and/or working with a diverse population and underrepresented communities?
2. We have a deep commitment to challenging institutional racism. Can you speak to how you have done this in your practice?

Parkrose is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants with culturally diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

Position Details

Essential Job Responsibilities:
• Instructs students for the purpose of improving their success in academic, interpersonal and daily living skills through a defined course of study.
• Use of State and District adopted curriculum and goals;
• Skill in identifying the needs of a group of students as well as individual students and provides for continuous assessment of their ability.
• Skills to motivate students and communicate with individuals from varied educational and cultural backgrounds
• Ability to promote high levels of achievement in relation to individual student abilities
• Use of techniques and methodologies appropriate to student abilities
• Knowledge of and ability to use research-based principles of effective instruction
• Organize Instruction using learning objectives with clearly defined student outcomes
• Employ teaching strategies congruent with planned student outcomes
• Select teaching strategies emphasizing student involvement
• Assess student for the purpose of providing feedback to students, parents and administration regarding students’ progress, expectations, goals, etc.
• Monitor student learning and pace instruction accordingly
• Documentation of students’ progress – provide timely and accurate feedback and documentation to students, parents and appropriate staff members
• Ability to develop and maintain an environment conducive to effective student learning
• Develop written rules of classroom behavior and communicate those rules to all students
• Enforce written rules for classroom behavior
• Communicate course goals and academic expectations to students
• Provide for the health and safety of students in all instructional settings
• Supervise students both in and out of the classroom. Reports incidents (e.g. fights, suspected child abuse, suspected substance abuse, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining personal safety of students, providing a positive learning environment and adhering to Education Code, district and/or school policies. Will report incidents and observer school policies.
Other Job Functions:
• Directs educational assistants, volunteers and/or student aides for the purpose of providing an effective class program and addressing the needs of individual students.
• Performs other duties which may be assigned.
• Participate in District sponsored in-service offerings, PLC meetings, etc. appropriate to assignment
• Assist other teachers for the purpose of implementing curriculum

Work Expectations:
• Regular attendance at work and activities must be maintained
• Punctual in meeting deadlines, attending meetings and following schedules
• Maintains confidential information relating to students, families and colleagues

Physical Requirements:
• In an eight (8) hour day the teacher may:
o Stand/walk – 3 – 6 hours
o Sit - 2 – 4 hours
• The teacher will need:
o Near/far visual acuity, depth perception. unaffected field of vision, unaffected hearing and the
ability to evacuate students from classrooms/buildings
• The teacher may occasionally:
o Bend, kneel, squat, climb stairs or ladders. use hands for repetitive motions and lift/carry/reach

*Salary Range: Please note the Certified Bargaining Agreement article 16.2.2 listed below that is used by our District to determine placement on the experience steps.

Article 16.2.2
Out of Parkrose: Full credit shall be granted for each year of full-time professionally or academically licensed experience in the public schools, grades K-12. For non- teachers, the experience must be related to the District assignment. Substitute teaching shall not be counted unless it was done on a full-time contract basis. Credit for experience related to the District assignment in districts outside Parkrose will not be given for a part of a year unless two (2) or fewer segments will total at least one hundred thirty-five (135) days.

The Competent Educator
The educator demonstrates a commitment to:
(1) Recognize the worth and dignity of all persons and respect for each individual;
(2) Encourage scholarship;
(3) Promote democratic and inclusive citizenship;
(4) Raise educational standards;
(5) Use professional judgment; and
(6) Promote equitable learning opportunities.
Stat. Auth.: ORS 342
Stats. Implemented: ORS 342.143 & 342.175 - 342.190
Hist.: TS 5-1979, f. 12-19-79, ef. 1-1-80; TSPC 7-2007, f. & cert. ef. 12-14-07
Curriculum and Instruction
(1) The competent educator measures success by the progress of each student toward realization of personal potential as a worthy and effective citizen. The competent educator stimulates the spirit of inquiry, the acquisition of knowledge and understanding, and the thoughtful formulation of goals as they are appropriate for each individual.
(2) The competent teacher demonstrates:
(a) Use of state and district adopted curriculum and goals;
(b) Skill in setting instructional goals and objectives expressed as learning outcomes;
(c) Use of current subject matter appropriate to the individual needs of students;
(d) Use of students' growth and development patterns to adjust instruction to individual needs consistent with the number of students and amount of time available; and
(e) Skill in the selection and use of teaching techniques conducive to student learning.
(3) The competent administrator demonstrates:
(a) Skill in assisting individual staff members to become more competent educators by complying with federal, state and local laws, rules, and lawful and reasonable district policy and contracts;
(b) Knowledge of curriculum and instruction appropriate to assignment;
(c) Skill in implementing instructional programs through adequate communication with staff; and
(d) Skill in identifying and initiating any needed change which helps each student toward realization of personal learning potential.
Stat. Auth.: ORS 342
Stats. Implemented: ORS 342.143 & 342.175 - 342.190
Hist.: TS 5-1979, f. 12-19-79, ef. 1-1-80; TS 7-1983, f. & ef. 12-14-83; TSPC 7-2007, f. & cert. ef. 12-14-07
Supervision and Evaluation
(1) The competent educator is a student of human behavior and uses this knowledge to provide a climate that is conducive to learning and that respects the rights of all persons without discrimination. The competent educator assumes responsibility for the activities planned and conducted through the district's program, and assists colleagues to do the same. The competent educator gathers relevant information and uses it in the planning and evaluation of instructional activities.
(2) The competent teacher demonstrates:
(a) Multiple ways to assess the academic progress of individual students;
(b) Skill in the application of assessment data to assist individual student growth;
(c) Procedures for evaluating curriculum and instructional goals and practices;
(d) Skill in the supervision of students; and
(e) Skill in differentiating instruction.
(3) The competent administrator demonstrates:
(a) Skill in the application of assessment data to provide effective instructional programs;
(b) Skill in the implementation of the district's student evaluation program;
(c) Skill in providing equal opportunity for all students and staff; and
(d) Skill in the use of employee and leadership techniques appropriate to the assignment and according to well established standards which ensure due process for the staff for which the administrator is responsible for evaluating.