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Summer Programs and Extended Learning Director

Reynolds School District

Job Title: Director of Summer Programs and Extended Learning
Exemption Status/Test: Non-Exempt
Reports to: Chief Academic Officer
Term of Employment: 235 Days
Classification: Admin IV

Primary Purpose:

To offer innovative extended learning opportunities to Reynolds School District (RSD) students including but not limited summer programs, before/after school and pre-Kindergarten. The Director has administrative responsibilities for supplemental extended learning programs, seat-based and/or virtual, including supervision of staff, development of the program structure and evaluation.

To facilitate the coordination of before school, after school and summer school programs in order to develop an aligned extended day and year K-12 program.

To use leadership, instructional, managerial, and administrative skills to ensure racial and linguistic equity, academic growth and achievement, and the educational development of each and every student with a focus on those who are most marginalized.

This assignment will require the Director to work full-time with no non-contract days from May through mid-August.


Education/Certification/Bonding and/or Testing Required:

Master’s Degree from an accredited university
Appropriate Oregon administrative license
Oregon Fingerprint and Criminal Check clearance
Valid driver’s license

Special Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:?

Knowledge of curriculum, cultural competence, education code, district policies, culturally responsive teaching, restorative practices, ELD strategies and best practices, and special education processes.

Skills to appropriately manage personnel and programs, communicate effectively, and problem solve.

Ability to provide direction to others and make independent judgments; keep and maintain accurate records, meet deadlines, communicate with individuals of varied cultural and educational backgrounds, and communicate effectively in both verbal and written form. Ability to read, write, and interpret documents such as curriculum guides, budgets, test results, labor contracts, grant applications, statutes and policies; ability to understand and generate written memorandums, employee evaluations, routine reports, and correspondence with business and public contacts.?Significant physical abilities include manual dexterity, talking/hearing conversations, near/far visual acuity/depth perception/visual accommodation.


Minimum of five (5) years teaching experience
Minimum of three years of building level administrative experience
Demonstrated ability to take on leadership roles in a K-12 environment
Experience working in a richly diverse school community and environment; bilingual or multilingual skills are highly desirable; demonstrated success in understanding and sensitivity to the needs of cultural and ethnic groups and individuals who are English language learners

Major Responsibilities and Duties:?

Begins the immediate planning phase of program development for summer school.
Ensures that summer programming is developed around a core of welcoming, fun, engaging, and joyful activities that infuse rigorous academic content throughout.
Develops and evaluates summer school programs in collaboration with school principals and district office administration.
Develops and implements recruitment materials and activities that are culturally and linguistically responsive and meet the needs of our diverse student populations.
Works with principals and teachers to identify students for summer programs and extended learning opportunities and enroll students.
Collaborates with school principals, educators, and community partners to provide extended learning opportunities outside the typical school day.
Establishes and maintains an effective and inclusive learning community.
Develops and implements an effective summer programs budget, adhering to the specific guidelines and requirements of each of the various summer school grants and other funding sources.
Works in collaboration with district staff to complete any required State and Federal reporting.
Speaks at administrator and/or public meetings on issues of general or specific pertinence to summer programs.
Consults with school principals to incorporate successful program models and mitigate new challenges.
Consults with the Division of Operations to determine summer school sites and coordinate custodial, nutrition and transportation services, inclusive of custodial services, nutrition services
Follows and adheres to the guidelines and requirements of the Student Success Act Summer Program Grant and other summer grant resources.
Follows and adheres to state and district policies and regulations.
Supervises assigned summer school staff, both classified and certificated. Collaborates with appropriate district personnel on oversight of year-round staff.
Coordinates with community partners (OMSI, Outdoor School, etc.) on delivery of summer programs including but not limited to Multnomah County SUN Service System for coordination of the SUN program, following established District procurement procedures.
Work with Multnomah County and RSD to extend the SUN program to all RSD schools.
Coordinates program delivery of Early Kindergarten Transition (EKT).
Oversees and coordinates with current early learning partners, programs, and services in RSD.
Coordinates services with the Education Department and the Department of Multilingual Education staff to ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students.
Monitors progress and maintains data on student achievement and attendance.
Designs and delivers on-going summer program communications to staff, families, and students.
Acts as a point of contact for parents, teachers, staff, and community members for summer program information, and for any emergency.
Possesses an effective, proactive communication style welcoming to students, families, staff.
Works on-site during summer programming to be available to staff, students, and families.
Works across school sites to address student behaviors; uses restorative practices to prepare students’ return to summer programming and extended learning opportunities.
Works across school sites to address attendance concerns.
Work across school sites to address instructional concerns.
Collaborates with before- and after-school day care providers.
Oversees the RSD credit recovery program and contract.
Works in conjunction with the Student and Family Services division to coordinate services for extended learning
Oversees 6th grade Outdoor School in collaboration with middle school Principals.
Leverage existing and potential resources to increase access and quality in early childhood programs with a specific focus on children from historically marginalized communities.
Coordinates with elementary education in the district to ensure a smooth transition for children from early childhood to kindergarten.

Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

Tools/Equipment Used: Standard office equipment including personal computer and peripherals.
Posture: Prolonged sitting; occasional bending/stooping, pushing/pulling, and twisting.
Motion: Repetitive hand motions including frequent keyboarding and use of mouse; occasional reaching.
Lifting: Occasional light lifting and carrying (less than 15 pounds).
Environment: May work prolonged or irregular hours; frequent districtwide travel; occasional statewide travel and out-of-state travel.

Salary Range $120,774.00 - $136,005.00 / Annual
Shift Type Full Time