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Ag Teacher/ FFA Advisor

Prairie City School District #4

Application time-line: Open until filled
Start Date: August 28, 2023
Application Procedures: A completed Oregon Statewide Application or apply online at Include a resume, letter of intention, two letters of reference and transcripts.
Prairie City High School Agriculture Program
The Prairie City Agricultural Science and Technology program is one of the best programs in the state. The program enjoys outstanding community and school support. Our FFA Chapter has 75 members and students are very active in their SAE programs. Ten students earned their State FFA Degrees last year. The program has grown tremendously in the past few years and we are excited to offer an additional position to the program. The successful candidate will work closely with the current instructor to continue to grow the CTE and FFA program. We are on a 4-day school week.
Essential Functions
1. Build a foundation of positive relationships, high expectations, equitable systems, and CTE informed practices, which will drive daily practices and beliefs when working with students.
2. Actively support a productive climate of collaboration in a professional learning community whereby the teacher analyzes student data, takes risks, shares successes/failures, and explores new practices in order to improve student learning for all.
3. Plan, implement, and evaluate classroom instructional activities consistent with adopted district curriculum and standards.
4. Through the equity lens, provide clear and focused instruction for all students by using a variety of teaching strategies that promote student engagement and interaction to meet the needs of all students.
5. Collaboratively develop and implement common formative assessments in order to monitor student learning and instructional effectiveness.
6. Support and implement building-wide behavior standards in order to ensure an orderly, safe and productive learning environment.
7. Communicate positively and regularly with parents and/or legal guardians in the areas of growth, student progress, and teacher expectations; develop meaningful collaboration between home and school.
8. Establish and maintain collaborative working relationships with staff, administrators, parents/legal guardians, support groups, and community members.
9. Accepts a share of the responsibility for co-curricular activities as assigned (FFA).
Reporting Relationships
Reports to the assigned Building Administrator
Required Qualifications
• Oregon teaching license
• Agriculture CTE endorsement
• Desire and ability to work collaboratively with staff.
• Commitment to using research-based literacy strategies and integrating technology into classroom.
• Flexibility and desire to work in a team situation to develop curriculum and program direction.
Preferred Qualifications
• Other teaching license endorsements
• Agriculture teaching experience
• Desire to work in rural community setting
• Advisor experience
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Knowledge of CTE practices and approaches.
• Knowledge and skill in instructional principles, methods and techniques.
• Knowledge of and interest in the areas of animal science, plant science, food science, natural resources, environmental education, horticulture, metal fabrication and related manufacturing classes.
• Strong skills and interest in agriculture emphasis.
• Commitment and ability to work with a full range of students, staff and parents.
• Skill in student management, student discipline and developing positive techniques for improving student behavior.
• Must possess a positive attitude about change and an eagerness to implement changes that will enhance student learning.
• Ability to maintain confidentiality.
• Ability to establish and maintain positive effective working relationships with a variety of students, staff, and community in a multicultural and diverse socio-economic setting.
• Ability to participate collaboratively in teams.
• Ability to continue participation in staff development to maintain professional skills.
• Ability to serve as a role model and treat students as individuals in a professional manner.
• Ability to follow appropriate guidelines and protocols to ensure a safe and engaging learning environment.
• Ability to effectively integrate technology resources into the curriculum.
Current courses offered are: Possible Additions are:
• Shop heavy schedule and some great equipment to learn on:
o Arc Lite CNC Machine 4 x 8
o Boss laser engraver
o Several multipurpose welding machines
o Large land lab, barn for show animals and Farm-to-School animals
o New John Deere Tractor
• JH Agriculture
• Agricultural Business
• Intro to Agriculture Horticulture (currently have a 20X40 Greenhouse and putting up another for hydroponics)
• Animal Science Agricultural Technology (3D printing, CAD programs etc.)
• Shop I- Including woods and metals
• Shop II- Including woods and metals
• Engines & Mechanics
• Vet Science
• Agriculture Leadership Wildlife
• Natural Resources Forestry
• Fire Science
Licenses/Special Requirements
• Must maintain all licenses and certifications as a condition of continued employment.
• Willingness to support CTE extended learning.
• Supervise and work with the Farm-to-School Coordinator to maintain the success of the program.
• Completed Employment Application/ Background Check.
• Must complete Safe Schools and Blood Borne Pathogens Training upon hire
Pay Level
Prairie City School District Teachers Salary Schedule
Additional FFA Advisor Extra-Duty Pay
Address all Inquiries to: Casey Hallgarth, Superintendent
PO Box 345/ 740 Overholt St.
Prairie City, OR 97869
844-820-3314 x-3404