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Assistant Principal- Middle School

Junction City School District #69
Closing date: 
Friday, March 31, 2023

The Oaklea Middle School Assistant Principal is under the general supervision of the school’s principal and is responsible for supporting high expectations for students and staff, the school’s vision, and as well as supporting the school’s plan for improving student achievement. The assistant principal is expected to effectively manage operational, technological, and personnel issues to promote student learning. The assistant principal is expected to support a safe and supportive school climate and maintain positive communication and partnerships with students, staff, parents, and community members. This contract is a 215-day contract.

• Regularly observe classroom instruction and provide timely feedback; work supportively and constructively to improve licensed staff performance; adhere to and uphold state standards, District personnel policies, and collective bargaining agreements.
• Effectively model strong instructional practices and coach teachers for instructional improvement.
• Lead and support Professional Learning Communities and data team efforts to increase students’ academic achievement.
• Maintain understanding of developments in education and best practices in instruction, and provide leadership in determining the implementation and evaluation of such practices.
• Supervise and evaluate designated programs, licensed and classified staff, curriculum, and learning activities through the district’s established evaluation procedures.
• Provide professional development and instructional leadership to educators in meeting the academic needs of students.
• Support the implementation, and evaluation of school improvement plans; effectively and regularly use information systems to track school improvement and student progress.
• Promote, support, and maintain a positive, safe, and caring school climate; deal sensitively and fairly with all; communicate effectively, clearly, and in a timely fashion with students, staff, and parents.
• Utilize the school’s distributed leadership model and demonstrate commitment to shared decision-making, as appropriate.
• Ensure that students are adequately supervised during instructional, non-instructional, and co-curricular activities; partner with the school’s student management administrator to maintain the student management system that results in positive student behavior; ensure that school rules are uniformly and consistently enforced; conduct conferences on student and school issues with parents, students, and teachers; be a visible presence in the school and community.
• Directly supervise all school operations including daily school activities, and the development of class and extra-curricular activities and schedules.
• Know and comply with all applicable federal and state laws, Board policy and administrative regulations, and directives.
• Collaborate effectively with the district’s administrative team in planning, organizing, and directing programs for students.
• Effectively demonstrate a school-wide equity lens in relation to student academic growth and behavioral support for all students.
• Facilitate Oaklea’s Parent Advisory Committee and collaborate/participate with the Oaklea Parent Group and community organizations.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

1. Current Oregon administrative license;
2. Prior successful public school teaching experience with increasing levels of administrative or leadership responsibility;
3. Knowledge and skills to work effectively in the areas of instruction, assessment, curriculum, attendance and discipline;
4. Demonstrated proficiency in the use of data to assess student progress and inform instructional practice;
5. Ability to provide consistent and effective leadership with respect to both academics and behavior that will motivate staff members and students;
6. Knowledge of and adherence to the laws and standards for Oregon schools;
7. Ability to listen to and interact with staff, students and patrons in a positive manner;
8. Demonstrated ability to manage crises and conflict through sound decision-making, professional judgment and effective problem solving;
9. Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing;
10. Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, a willingness to listen and respect the expertise of staff, and share leadership responsibilities;
11. Ability to effectively manage time and organize workload;
12. Ability to oversee implementation of District curriculum and state standards;
13. Ability to work cooperatively, collaboratively, and effectively with administrative team members, education personnel, support staff, students, parents, patrons, and representatives from a variety of agencies;
14. Ability to provide clear and consistent direction to licensed and classified staff;
15. Ability to meet Oregon and District Standards for Competent and Ethical Performance of Oregon Educators;
16. Responsibility to know, understand, and adhere to District policies;
17. Applicant should be prepared to demonstrate knowledge of effective instructional practices, supervision and evaluation of staff;
18. Prior administrative experience, preferably at the secondary level, is desired.

Qualifications Desired
1. Recent Program supervision
2. Demonstrated conflict resolution, parent conferencing, and supportive communication skills;
3. Experience implementing AVID and willingness to participate in AVID Summer Institute;
4. Ability to use assessment data to inform instruction;
5. Familiarity with universal screening and progress monitoring.

To apply, visit our employment page:

Selection Guidelines
*Posting Date March 9, 2023
*Closing Date Open until March 31, 2023
*Interviews Week of April 10-14
*Starting Date 2023-2024 School Year

*Salary Range $88,820-$96,277 (based on the 22-23 salary schedule)