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Director of Business Services

Klamath County School District

GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION: The Director of Business Services reports directly to the Superintendent and is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining the accounting, payroll, budget development and control, purchasing and related records management, financial tracking, reporting and forecasting revenue and expenditures, financial data processing operations, and insurance coverages (property, casualty, and general liability) for the Klamath County School District. The Director of Business Services is also responsible for all funds covered in the adopted budget and serves as District’s Budget Officer, Deputy Clerk, funds investor, and custodian of funds.

Physical ability to adhere to OSHA and district safety regulations. Work within the district’s communicable disease control plan (blood borne pathogens) and be aware of the existence and potential exposure to hazardous chemicals as identified on the MSDS sheets.


1. Minimum of five (5) years’ experience in one of the following related areas: local government or educational entity, business administration and/or accounting.
2. Minimum of two (2) years supervisory experience.
3. Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in business management/administration and/or accounting. Master’s degree preferred.
4. Working knowledge of current Oregon laws, policies, administrative rules, and programs related to Finance including Oregon Budget Law.
5. Past experience with governmental accounting, budgeting and auditing, and grants management preferred.
6. Appropriate understanding of internal controls.
7. Strong commitment, ability and proven experience building an administrative team.
8. Ability to communicate effectively in speaking and writing and develop and maintain positive working relationship with Board, staff, students, and parents.

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in Business Management/Administration and or Accounting. Master’s degree preferred.


1. Supervises the management of the financial operations of the district.
2. Serves as Deputy Clerk, and under the supervision of the Superintendent, organizes and establishes the budget process, including the budget calendar.
3. As the Deputy Clerk, reviews and approves all contracts with the approval/or in the absence of the Superintendent.
4. Serves as Budget Officer to the Budget Committee and Board of Directors.
5. Supervises the budget development process and assures the District’s compliance with all rules, regulations, and laws governing the process.
6. Supervises the investment of district funds, including bond sinking funds, according to State laws.
7. Plans, organizes, schedules, supervises/directs and evaluates the work of all business team members.
8. Provides support to the Superintendent in District elections including tax and bond measures.
9. Establishes and maintains an accounting system consistent with state and federal laws, regulations, and District policies.
10. Oversees management of financial software.
11. Oversees the Purchasing Card or Credit Card Program for the District.
12. Reviews Board policies and makes recommendations for revisions as appropriate due to changes in the law or other relevant authority.
13. Supervises the purchasing of all capital assets, confirming Oregon procurement laws are followed.
14. Provides training to Business Office staff, Principals, Vice-Principals, School Bookkeepers and others on relevant topics such as purchasing processes, procurement rules, Oregon Budget Law, internal controls, grants management, accepting donations, etc.
15. Provides advice on a wide range of financial matters.
16. Represents the District during the debt issuance process, including assisting with the Official Statement, approving terms and conditions of the sale, reviewing all documents, and attending closing.
17. Works closely with Maintenance Supervisor/Project Manager on all major construction projects, providing oversight of the contracts, purchasing, and adherence to state and federal laws, including BOLI rules.
18. Participates in developing new school facilities and the tracking and forecasting of all bond funds.
19. Provides financial data, projections and analysis when requested by the Superintendent and Board of Directors.
20. Attends all School Board meetings; prepares monthly financial reports for the Board of Directors in addition to other relevant Board agenda items.
21. Prepares revenue and expenditure cost data for negotiations. Serves as a member of the bargaining team.
22. Directs the proper retention of all capital construction and debt issuance records according to bond covenants and State of Oregon Archive Rules.
23. Acts as the District’s agent for all District contracts, agreements, and transactions affecting the business function of the District.
24. Oversees the annual audit process and assures District cooperation with auditors. Responsible for timely completion of the annual audit and submission of all documents to appropriate entities.
25. Completes annual SEC submission to MSRB/EMMA or subsequent hosted site.
26. Advises the Superintendent staff members and Board of Directors on all matters related to business matters.
27. Manages all trust funds of the District including allocation of interest and processing of awards and scholarships.
28. Maintains control over all Debt Service and Capital Projects funds.
29. Ensures all District payments are made in a timely manner.
30. Prepares enrollment projections.
31. Completes all ODE required annual reports in a timely manner.
32. Maintains professional and technical knowledge by participating in professional development opportunities.
33. Serves as a member of the Superintendent’s Cabinet.
34. Performs such other related duties as may be assigned by the Superintendent.
35. Attendance is an essential function of this position.

240 Days/Year

Annual Salary: $129,855.72-144,885.72. Salary is dependent upon experience.

Open until filled.

Position to begin July 1, 2023.