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High School Athletic Director/Assistant Principal

Reynolds School District

JOB TITLE: Assistant Principal/Athletics Director - High School

Job Summary: The "Assistant Principal/Athletics Director - High School" supports the Principal's and other assigned personnel's job responsibilities; receiving, distributing and communicating information to enforce school, district, and state policies; maintaining safety of school environment; coordinating assigned school activities; assisting students to modify inappropriate behavior and develop successful interpersonal skills; and communicating information to staff, the principal and the public.

Essential Job Functions:

Facilitates communication between personnel, students and/or parents for the purpose of evaluating situations, solving problems and/or resolving conflicts.
Facilitates various meetings for the purpose of coordinating agendas and ensuring that outcomes achieve school, district and/or state objectives.
Intervenes in occurrences of inappropriate behavior of students and/or parents for the purpose of assisting students in modifying inappropriate behavior, developing successful interpersonal skills and/or initiating disciplinary action.
Manages various school administrative functions for the purpose of enforcing school, district and state policy and maintaining safety and efficiency of school operations.
Oversees school wide assignments (i.e. activities, building maintenance, etc. for the purpose of maintaining the smooth operation of the school.
Supervises assigned instructional personnel for the purpose of monitoring and evaluating performance, providing for professional growth and achieving overall objectives of school's curriculum.
Prepares documentation for the purpose of providing written support and/or conveying information.
Supports Principal for the purpose of assisting with their job functions of maintaining overall school site operation.
Presents information on various topics for the purpose of communicating information and gaining feedback.
Attends various meetings for the purpose of communicating and/or gathering information.
Other duties as assigned.
Major Responsibilities and Duties:

Program Planning

Implement the district equity lens in decision-making, consult with appropriate shareholders before making a decision, and adhere to district policy in all decisions.
Assist in informing and advising principals and coaches regarding league activities, rulings, interpretation, and district committee actions.
Assure compliance with the rules and regulations of the athletic program as established by board policy, administration, and the OSAA.
Collaborate with school staff and school administrators to coordinate all athletic functions such as booster club meetings, athletic banquets, and other athletic meetings.
Collaborate with school staff, coaches, and school administrators to coordinate the purchase, reconditioning, and storage of athletic equipment in compliance with Title IX.
Serve as director of special events and promotions for athletic department.
Work with coaches and school staff to schedule and conduct pre-season meetings for all sports as required by the OSAA and Mt. Hood Conference.
Collaborate with District Athletic Director and District Title IX Officer to conduct program reviews and audits for compliance.
Athletic Events

Schedule out-of-town trips and playoff negotiations.
Assist in maintaining records of the district athletic committee actions, rulings, and meetings.
Consult with coaches regarding game schedules and officials’ assignments.
Supervise athletics and select sports programs.
Coordinate all schedules with the school administrators and commissioner of the conference.
Collaborate with school administrators to assign and supervise all gatekeepers and workers for all athletic contests.
Collaborates with school staff and administrators to examine all playing arenas to see if they are available and ready for play.
Obtain and coordinate playing arenas when there are needs for practice and/or to use as game sites.
Coordinate with school staff and administrators to confirm the availability of sports equipment which is needed for the game.
Arrange for payment of all game officials.
Collaborate with school staff and school administrators to arrange for all the change that is needed for all gatekeepers. Make available change boxes, tickets, stamps, etc. which are needed by
Coordinate all tournaments and post-season games with the school staff and school administrator that oversee athletics for the participating school.
Collaborate with the school administrators and local law enforcement agencies and/or contracted security companies to provide security for athletic contests.
Coordinate the attendance of coaches at coaches’ clinics and workshops.
Coordinate with the sites on any postponement of contests because of weather or other factors.
Collaborates with school staff, coaches, and school administrators to coordinate the preparation for all home contests and events; supervises or directs cleanup after contests.
Collaborate with school staff and coaches to coordinate transportation for all athletic events requiring travel using procedures established by the RSD Transportation Department.
Oversee the scheduling of all athletic programs, including o?cials, transportation, emergency medical personnel and contest management staff.
Student Management

Coordinate with school staff, coaches, and school administrators the welfare of all athletes.
Collaborate with the school staff, coaches, and school administrators to verify the eligibility of all athletes prior to participation.
Policy, Reports, and Law

Implement the policies established by Mt Hood Conference and OSAA and, and local board policy in area of athletics.
Compile, maintain, file, and present all reports, records, and other documents as required.
Budget and Inventory

Manage the district athletics budget allotment for the district 9-12 athletics programming.
Personnel Management

Plan and assist coaches with programs for staff development through meetings and clinics.

Experience Required: Prior experience as an athletic director at a large comprehensive high school.
Skills, Knowledge and/or Abilities Required:
Skills to appropriately manage personnel and programs, communicate effectively, problem-solve.
Knowledge of curriculum, education code, district policies.
Ability to provide direction to others and make independent judgments, keep and maintain accurate records, meet deadlines, communicate with individuals of varied cultural and educational background, communicate in oral and written form.
Education Required: Master’s degree from an accredited college or university.
Licenses, Certifications, Bonding, and/or Testing Required:
Appropriate Administrative Services Credential, Valid Driver's License and evidence of insurability, Oregon Fingerprint and Criminal Check clearance.
*Bilingual/Bicultural preferred

Start Date: July 1, 2023

Calendar Days: 235

Salary Range $114,726.00 - $129,194.00 / Annual
Shift Type Full Time