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Special Education Functional Life Skills Teacher - RHS (23-24 School Year)

Reynolds School District


This teacher will work collaboratively with school personnel in providing, implementing, designing and adapting instructional programs for the special educational needs of identified students in a variety of settings. A primary focus is the establishment of a positive learning environment that promotes a high level of achievement for all students while considering the background and developmental level of the individual student. This teacher is a full member of a building staff and Student Services and will be supervised by the principal in collaboration with Director of Student Services.


Valid Oregon teacher’s certificate with appropriate Special Education endorsements. Science endorsement preferred.


Meets the standards of Competent and Ethical Performance as outlined in Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR 584-020-000 to 584-020-0045). The following are examples of principle duties; however, any one position may not cover all duties listed and examples may not cover all duties an employee is expected to perform.

Effectively works with and responds to people from diverse cultures or backgrounds.
Cultivates and models a respectful working and learning environment.
Utilizes effective, proactive behavioral management skills in all school settings.
Collaboratively leads functional assessments and develops Behavior Support Plans with student centered involvement.
Utilizes effective instructional strategies making data based instructional decisions
Adapts/modifies regular classroom curriculum
Implements individual plans (IEP/504/TAG)
Attends Student Services Team meetings and also attends Educational Support Services staff meetings.
Provides, implements, designs and adapts individual/group academic and behavioral programs in all school settings aligning instruction, when possible, with district and state benchmarks
10. Adapts/modifies transition curriculum and activities.

11. Works effectively and collaboratively with diverse student, staff and community populations.

12. Works collaboratively with other school personnel (e.g., Title I, regular education, school psychologist specialists, classified staff) in meeting the behavioral and academic needs of students

13. Works with team members to accomplish mutually agreed upon goals.

14. Is responsive to feedback from colleagues and administrators and is able to apply feedback to improve skills and services to students

15. Assists schools in identification of students with disabilities

16. Maintains ongoing communication with parents, other teachers and Educational Support Services in the planning, implementation and monitoring of programs

17. Assists the administration in implementing all policies and/or rules governing student conduct, develops reasonable rules of classroom behavior and procedure, and maintains order in the classroom and school in a fair and just manner.

18. Establishes and maintains open lines of communication with students and parents/guardians concerning both the academic and behavioral progress of all assigned students.

19. Strives to improve professional competence through an ongoing program of reading, workshops, seminars, conferences, classes and other professional development activities.

20. At sites with more than one special education teacher, works collaboratively as a team member in meeting the needs of students

21. Administers assessments and collect and interprets data to monitor student progress

22. Manages time to complete required special education paperwork

23. Monitors the progress of students in all school settings

24. Trains and supervises Educational Assistants

25. Designs instruction, monitors and provides feedback for Instructional Assistants and is available for problem solving.

26. Manages fiscal components and documentation of the program activities, as appropriate.

27. Utilizes technology fluently to manage all the components of student programs

28. Anticipates program needs and coordinate implementation of program components.

29. Performs other duties as requested by the Director of Student Services.


a) This position is primarily performed indoors in school buildings, although some outdoor instruction and supervision are required.

b) Possible exposure to bodily fluids due to student or employee injury or illness.

c) Exposure to bodily harm due to student behaviors.

d) Evenings and/or extended work hours are often required.

e) May be required to obtain a First Aid and/or CPR Card and serve as a Delegated Caregiver or Designated First Aid Provider.

f) May require traveling to multiple work sites.

g) Frequent or prolonged standing, walking and sitting

h) Frequent and prolonged talking/hearing conversations.

i) Requires accurate perceiving of sound, near and far vision, depth perception, handling and working with materials and objects.

j) Work may involve occasional lifting objects weighing 25-50 pounds.

k) May have to restrain students.


The employee has regular attendance at work and work activities, and is punctual in meeting deadlines, attending meetings, and following schedules.

The employee is dressed and groomed in a neat, clean and appropriate professional manner for the assignment and work setting.

The employee maintains the integrity of confidential information relating to a student, family, colleague or district patron. The employee uses or relays personal information only in the course of performing assigned responsibilities and in the best interest of the individuals involved.

The employee follows all district or supervisor policies, rules, regulations, memos, bulleting, announcements, applicable position descriptions, and reasonable requests by proper authority.

All licensed employees will meet the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) Standards for Competent and Ethical Educators.

Must have Secondary Special Education endorsement

Bilingual/Bicultural preferred

Salary Range $48,929.00 - $95,729.00 / Annual
Shift Type Full Time