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Assistant Principal- High School

Junction City School District #69
Closing date: 
Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Position Description: The position of assistant principal – high school serves the purpose of supporting the high school principal and other assigned personnel’s job responsibilities: receiving, distributing and communicating information to enforce school, district and state education policies; maintaining safety of school environment; coordinating assigned school site activities; assisting students to modify inappropriate behavior and develop successful interpersonal skills; and communicating information to the staff, principal, and the public. This contract is a 215-day contract. The salary is based on the 2022-23 administrative salary schedule and will be updated upon completion of negotiations for the 2023-24 school year.


Provide strong instructional leadership.
Facilitates communication among personnel, students and/or parents for the purpose of evaluating situations, solving problems and/or resolving conflicts.
Facilitates various meetings (e.g., curriculum, safety, site advisory, special district committees, staff development, etc.) for the purpose of coordinating agendas and ensuring that outcomes achieve school, district and/or state objectives.
Intervenes in occurrences of inappropriate behavior of students and/or parents for the purpose of assisting students in modifying inappropriate behavior, developing successful interpersonal skills and/or initiating disciplinary action.
Manages various school administrative functions (e.g., student disciplinary policy, school schedule, assigned personnel, etc.) for the purpose of enforcing school, district, and state policy and maintaining safety and efficiency of school operations.
Prepares documentation (e.g., reports, correspondence, etc.) for the purpose of providing written support and/or conveying information.
Presents information on various topics for the purpose of communicating information and/or gaining feedback.
Supports the principal for the purpose of assisting with their job functions of maintaining overall school site operating and educational programs.
Lead and support Professional Learning Communities and data team efforts to increase students’ academic achievement.
Promote, support, and maintain a positive, safe, and caring school climate; deal sensitively and fairly with all; communicate effectively, clearly, and in a timely fashion with students, staff, and parents.
Utilize the school’s distributed leadership model and demonstrate commitment to shared decision-making, as appropriate.
Effectively demonstrate a school-wide equity lens in relation to student academic growth and behavioral support for all students.
Assists other personnel as may be required for the purpose of supporting them in the completion of their work activities.
Attend various meetings (e.g., district, site, community, etc.) for the purpose of communicating and/or gathering information.
Work effectively with technical programs within the high school and district.
Continues to grow professionally by attending professional meetings, reading professional journals, etc.
Perform other duties as assigned.


Current Oregon administrative license, valid driver’s license and evidence of insurability.
Prior job-related experience with increasing levels of responsibilities in school setting.
Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, a willingness to listen and respect the expertise of staff, and share leadership responsibilities.
Skills to appropriately manage personnel and programs, communicate effectively and problem solve.
Knowledge of curriculum, education code, district policies and computer literate.
Ability to effectively manage time and organize workload.
Abilities to sit for prolonged periods, provide direction to others and make independent judgements, keep and maintain accurate records, meet deadlines, communicate with individuals of varied cultural and educational backgrounds, communicate in oral and written form. Significant physical abilities include reaching / handling, fingering, talking / hearing conversations, near / far visual acuity / depth perception / visual accommodation.

Qualifications Desired

Prior administrative experience at the secondary level.
Recent program supervision.
Ability to speak a second language.
Demonstrated conflict resolution, parent conferencing, and supportive communication skills.
Experience implementing AVID and willingness to participate in AVID Summer Institute;.
Ability to use assessment data to inform instruction.
Familiarity with universal screening and progress monitoring.

Selection Guidelines

Posting Date May 23, 2023
Closing Date Open until June 6, 2023
Interviews June 8-9, 2023
Finalist Interviews: June 12-16, 2023
Starting Date 2023-2024 School Year


Salary Range $95,457-$102,184 (based on the 22-23 salary schedule)