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Interim Superintendent of Schools

Hood River County School District

Open until filled. Initial screening to begin the week of June 19, 2023. First round of interviews (virtual) to be held the week of June 26, 2023. Final interview, if needed will be the week of July 3, 2023.

Application Process:
Complete a TalentEd/Recruit & Hire application (available at Incomplete applications may not be considered. Include the following in your application packet:
*Letter of interest to Corinda Hankins Elliot, School Board Chair and Chrissy Reitz, School Board Vice Chair;
*Current Resume;
*Three (3) recent letters of reference;
*Official college transcripts will be required upon hire;
*Copy of Oregon TSPC Administrative license or proof of license eligibility.

Job Summary:
The Hood River County School District Board of Directors is seeking an interim Superintendent to lead and guide the district for the 2023/24 school year, allowing for a full recruitment process after the start of the year. The Superintendent is the chief executive officer of the District and is responsible to the Board of Directors for the successful administration of all programs and services conducted by the District. View the full job description on the HRCSD website (

The Board requires the superintendent be a strong educational leader who has the following professional experience and training:
• A current license that qualifies the individual to serve as superintendent of the district;
• A master’s degree or higher in the field of education, preferably in educational administration;
• Successful teaching experience at the elementary or secondary school level;
• Service as a superintendent or administrative experience in the administration of a school system.
• In lieu of the experience and training requirements above, the Board may consider as a candidate for its superintendent’s position an individual who meets alternative licensure requirements. The Board may take steps to assist an individual to qualify for such a license.

Performance Responsibilities:
• Serves as chief executive officer of the district except as otherwise provided by law; makes rules not in conflict with law or with Board policies; and decides all matters of administrative and supervisory detail in connection with the operation and maintenance of the schools;
• Initiates and directs the development of policies for approval by the Board, delegating such responsibility to associates and subordinates as deemed desirable;
• Attends all meetings of the Board except when excused;
• Assists the Board in reaching sound judgments, establishing policies and approving those matters which the law requires the Board to approve, places before the Board necessary and helpful facts, comparisons, results of investigations, information and reports and makes available personnel to advise the Board on special or technical matters;
• Recommends the appointment, contract renewal, contract extension, contract nonrenewal, contract non-extension, discharge and/or suspension of district-licensed employees as provided by law and Board policies and the employee’s collective bargaining agreement, as applicable, and with such recommendations submitted to the Board for approval;
• Assigns or transfers licensed employees as provided by state law, Board policies, collective bargaining agreements and meet and confer agreements, as applicable.

Qualifications and Duties of the Superintendent:
• Appoints, assigns, transfers, promotes, demotes or discharges classified and non-represented employees as provided by state law, Board policies, collective bargaining agreements and meet and confer agreements, as applicable;
• Reviews data regularly and leads the district in enacting equitable changes to improve educational outcomes for every student;
• Directs the work of the professional staff in evaluating curricula and textbooks, and upon the basis of such study, makes recommendations to the Board;
• Supervises the establishment or modification of school attendance and transportation area boundaries subject to Board approval;
• Directs the preparation of an annual budget showing the estimated receipts and disbursements necessary to cover the needs of the district for the ensuing fiscal year and submits this budget to the Board in accordance with law;
• Approves and directs, in accordance with law and Board regulations, purchases and expenditures, within the limits of the budget;
• Exercises leadership in directing studies of sites and buildings, considering the population trend and the educational and cultural needs of the district, to ensure timely decisions by the Board and electorate regarding construction and renovation projects;
• Represents the district in communications and relations with other school systems, social institutions, business firms, government agencies and the general public;
• Keeps the public informed about modern educational practices, educational trends and the practices and problems in the district;
• Coordinates funded projects, the administration of grants and ensures that the various departments separate these programs within the guidelines pertaining to the particular program;
• Implements and interprets Board policies.
The specific enumeration of the superintendent’s duties as detailed above will not act to limit the broad authority and responsibility of the office.

The Superintendent's contract is anticipated to begin July 17, 2023. The salary will be negotiated between the finalist and the School Board.

HOOD RIVER COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT IS AN EQUAL-OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. Reasonable accommodations for the application and interview process will be provided upon request and as required in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Disabled persons may contact Hood River County School District at 541/387-5016 for additional information or assistance. Speech or hearing-impaired persons may contact Hood River County School District for assistance through the Oregon Telecommunications Relay Service by dialing 1-800-735-2900.