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2nd grade-Long Term Substitute

Molalla River Academy

We are looking for a long-term substitute for our 2nd grade classroom. This position will begin August 28, 2024--December 13th, 2024.

The successful candidate will be:
--An enthusiastic educator who teaches from the heart and instills a growth-mindset in all children,
--An active collaborator who enjoys working with, and learning from, colleagues, and
--A passionate educator who celebrates diversity.

If this describes you, please see how to apply below.

Who Are We?
Molalla River Academy is a small K-8 public charter school, located just outside of Molalla, Oregon. As a charter school, our teachers enjoy the autonomy to creatively plan and implement thematic, hands-on-learning experiences that ignite students’ sense of wonder and support a love of learning.

The heart of MRA is our community. Our teachers creatively collaborate to provide engaging and integrated learning experiences for students. In addition to a robust classroom experience, students at MRA enjoy music, PE, STEAM, library, garden, and integrated arts classes each week! Culminating events or celebrations are common at MRA.

"Taking care of each other" is a core MRA value, and staff, students and parents agree we uphold this value every day! We begin each day with a morning circle, where community values are taught and reinforced and daily goals are set. We close each day by completing community jobs and reflecting on how well we met our goals.

Duties and Responsibilities

Planning and Learning:
• Design culturally responsive lesson plans, aligned to state standards and thematic units.
• Define goals, objectives and assessment strategies for unit and daily plans.
• Sequence content and activities appropriately.
• Plan for differentiated activities to meet the needs of all learners.
• Develop effective classroom routines and structures to maximize learning.

Classroom Management:
• Begin each day with a “soft start” and morning meeting; teach and reinforce school-wide expectations:
We take care of ourselves; We take care of our spaces; We take care of our materials.
• Develop or select instructional activities that foster student engagement and encourage students to
“wonder” about their learning.
• Utilize growth mindset language to create a classroom environment that is challenging and attainable.
• Foster student responsibility, appropriate social behavior, integrity, valuing of diversity, and respect for
self and others.

Delivery of Instruction:
• Present material clearly and explicitly, utilizing exemplars, vivid and appropriate language.
• Successfully reach all students by differentiating, scaffolding and using peer and/or adult helpers.
• Regularly involve students in engaging activities and discussions in which they are active learners and
problem solvers.
• Use highly effective strategies, questions, materials, technology and groupings to boost the learning of
all students.
• Adapt lessons and units to exploit teachable moments and correct misunderstandings.
• Consistently have students summarize and internalize what they learn and apply it to real life situations.

Monitoring, Assessment and Follow Up:
• Posts and reviews clear criteria for proficient work, including rubrics/exemplars and ensures students
understand expectations.
• Gives well-constructed diagnostic assessments and uses the information to guide instruction and/or
• Checks for understanding through a variety of methods; immediately addresses confusion or
• Has students set ambitious goals, continuously self-assess, and take responsibility for improving
• Frequently posts, publishes, or shares students’ work to celebrate progress and motivate and direct
• Relentlessly follows up with struggling students, with personal attention, so they all reach proficiency.
• Works with team teacher or other colleagues to analyze student data to draw actionable conclusions
and leverage student growth.
• Works with team teacher or other colleagues to reflect on what worked and what didn’t and
continuously strives to improve instruction.

Family and Community Outreach:
• Demonstrates sensitivity and respect for family and community culture, values, and beliefs.
• Shows parents an in-depth knowledge of their child and a strong belief they will meet or exceed
• Provides teachers with clear, user-friendly learning and behavior expectations.
• Makes sure parents hear positive news about their child first, and immediately flags any problems.
• If assigned, homework is highly engaging and prompt feedback is provided.
• Deals immediately with parent concerns and makes parents feel welcome any time.
• Uses student-led conferences, correspondence, report cards and informal conversations to provide
parents with helpful feedback on their child’s progress.

Professional Responsibilities:
• Has perfect or near perfect attendance; complete necessary absence leave request form in timely
manner or promptly notifies the office when an unplanned absence will occur.
• When communicating with parents or stakeholders, speaks, and writes correctly and succinctly.
• Presents as a consummate professional and observes appropriate boundaries.
• Collaborates regularly with teaching partners and specials teachers to ensure alignment of curricular
• Is ethical, honest, and forthright, uses impeccable judgment, and confidentiality.
• Is an important part of the MRA community; promotes and encourages positive staff and school culture
and climate.

If you are interested in applying, please send your response to the questions below, along with a resume and three current letters of recommendation to Dr. Melanie Marrone at We also encourage interested applicants to spend a day with us as a way to experience how these values extend beyond the classroom and throughout our campus.

Application Questions:
1. Please describe your experience with project-based or play-based teaching and learning.
2. Please describe what someone would see when walking into your classroom? What would it look like?
What would students be doing?

Applicants must have a current Oregon Teaching Certificate and must be highly qualified to teach Elementary Students.