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School Psychologist

South Coast ESD

Position: School Psychologist
Department: Special Education
Program: School Psychology Services
Supervised by: Program Administrator / Superintendent
Supervises: No One

The School Psychologist works as a team member in the screening and assessment of students referred to Consultation Services. Follow-up teacher consultation is provided as necessary.

1. Acts as a consultant to regular class teachers, including communication of programming procedures and management systems based on assessment information.
2. Utilizes active listening skills and creates a trust relationship with the regular teacher.
3. Is well acquainted with psychological and diagnostic tools and uses them according to skills and title.
4. Administers appropriate tests and writes the appropriate sections for the evaluation report.
5. Follows Consultation Services procedures for screening, assessments, and follow-up.
6. Participates in meetings with other staff members and parents to share evaluation reports.
7. Participates in IFSP and IEP meetings as required.
8. Works closely with other specialists to provide the best possible service to students.
9. Makes in-service presentations as deemed necessary by the Coordinator.
10. Makes appropriate suggestions for materials purchased by Consultation Services.
11. Helps in the initiation of remediation. This may be in the form of written report, teacher training, observation and data, or any other means for providing services.
12. Is familiar with the basic teacher formats used in the South Coast ESD service area.
13. Is familiar with teacher formats and new technology appropriate for school remediation.
14. Is aware of each school system's available resources (personnel, support services, community resources, materials, etc.).
15. Is willing to become knowledgeable of various curriculums used in the county, their strengths and weaknesses.
16. Maintains confidentiality of student records and of ESD staff, and complies with state and federal regulations regarding privacy.
17. Maintains regular attendance in order to preserve the continuity of service delivery for the program.
18. Meets standards for competent and ethical performance as outlined in OAR 584-020-0035.
19. Performs duties in a manner reasonably expected and generally recognized by the profession.
20. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Coordinator, Program Administrator, and Superintendent.

1. Demonstrates ability to administer tests in accord with certification appropriate to the referred student.
2. Demonstrates ability to coordinate into written report the information gathered from teachers, parents, other agencies, and Consultation Services evaluation.
3. Demonstrates ability to work harmoniously with other agencies, school district personnel, parents, and other staff members.
4. Demonstrates better than average communication skills.
5. Works harmoniously with other employees and deals tactfully with the public.
6. Demonstrates a thorough knowledge and understanding of child development, maladaptive behavior, behavior management, and classroom discipline.
7. Demonstrates ability to respect confidential information.

1. Master's Degree in School Psychology, or related field.
2. Oregon School Psychologist personnel certification.

The employee may work beyond an eight-hour day or a five-day work week attending meetings, conferences, and school activities. The employee needs to be competent in conflict resolution. The employee must be able to communicate effectively in confrontational and emotional situations involving staff, students, parents and patrons. Confidentiality is a top priority for the persons in this position.

The employee at times works under varied workloads and inflexible deadlines. Problems may arise which require immediate attention setting up conflicting priorities. Sound judgment is required to effectively prioritize these demands.

The employee must be able to lift materials, boxes or equipment weighing up to 30 pounds. The employee may need to participate with others in lifting /moving equipment weighing up to 40 pounds.

The employee may come into contact with biohazards such as human waste, saliva, or blood, and should take appropriate protective precautions.

All requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate an individual with a disability or disabilities.
Union: South Coast ESD Education Association
Rate: $56,018 - $89,216
Location: Coos and Curry Counties
Closing Date: When suitable candidate is found

A fingerprint-based criminal history investigation will be required.

South Coast ESD is an equal opportunity employer and complies with federal and state statutes which prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, handicap or marital status.