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High School Principal

Molalla River School District

About the District
Molalla River School District is committed to providing quality schools for all students and families it serves and strives for educational excellence by engaging students in a challenging, personalized instructional program that prepares them for success in post-high school studies or the world of work. All of the schools have received State Achievement marks ranging from satisfactory to outstanding. Strong business and community partnerships provide additional resources for our schools and students.

About Molalla High School
There is a tremendous sense of pride in the work all students and staff have been doing at Molalla High School. MHS, teachers and students have worked together in an energized, positive school culture to build strong relationships. The school has demonstrated continuous growth in on-time graduation rates, celebrating a 91% on time graduation rate for 2020-21. Molalla High School offers a wide range of rigorous course offerings across core content and elective areas. In recent years, MHS has continued to develop existing programs and add new opportunities in Career & Technical Education. Recent additions include courses in fire science, early childhood education, and computer science. Molalla High School has also added new Advanced Placement courses in addition to a wide array of college articulated courses. The students of Molalla High School have benefitted from a number of support structures implemented in recent years that promote success for all students.

In addition to a strong academic foundation, Molalla High School has strong programs in athletics, activities, and the fine arts. MHS athletes compete as a 4A school in the Tri-Valley Conference and have developed a reputation as a school with great success in areas such as band, choir, art, FFA, FBLA and many other student activities.

About the Position
Molalla River School District administrators are ethical, committed, innovative educational leaders. We believe every student is an exceptional learner who deserves expert instruction in a positive school environment. We believe our work should focus on energizing groups of people to achieve common objectives for student achievement.
The successful candidate will understand and practice excellent leadership, supervisory, and administrative skills and use effective judgment and decision-making as needed for daily school operation. Molalla High School teachers work together with their administrators in a collaborative community based on trust, support and autonomy where opportunities to excel, innovate and participate in decision making on behalf of the school community are welcomed and encouraged.
Quotes from Thought Exchange – Qualities Molalla High School staff want in their next leader:

“There are many, many, many hardworking, dedicated individuals who care about students and adults. It is through our collective efforts that great things are accomplished. This has been proven time and time again!” – Molalla High School teacher

"The camaraderie of all staff, willing to support and help, wants what is best for all students and fights for that, accepting new staff with open arms. Our school community works hard to create an environment where all stakeholders feel welcome. We want a leader who supports this environment." - Molalla High School teacher

• Master Degree in Education with a preferred emphasis in administration
• A current Oregon license appropriate for this position
• Demonstrated experience as an exceptional classroom teacher and increased school leadership experience.
• Knowledge of and successful experience with Standards based teaching, Professional Learning Communities, building capacity with staff, instructional improvement and evaluation, classroom management, team management, technology integration and organizational change
• Leadership experience related to STEM Programs and leading-edge work in CTE programs.
• High level of responsibility leading and coordinating change that results in increased student achievement and community engagement.
• Knowledge of effective inclusionary practices for students with special needs
• Knowledge, appreciation, and experience working with students from diverse cultures and improving education for minorities.
• Knowledge of Oregon diploma requirements and school accountability measures.
The most competitive candidates will also have:
• A passion for serving and the ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with students, staff members, and parents.
• The ability to foster connection and community involvement in a small rural community.
• A sense of humor.
• Demonstrated success taking risks in solving problems and developing creative and innovated solutions that push for continuous improvement and outcomes.
• Strong skills in the use of technology as an instructional tool that promotes student growth and engagement.
• Sound leadership that is compassionate, approachable, and open minded.
• Objective judgment used in the analysis of facts and circumstances surrounding individual problems to determine and prioritize the necessary actions.
• Strong organizational skills to maintain and verify completeness of records and meet schedules and deadlines.

Mission - To develop powerful and confident adults who are controlling their own destiny and influencing their worlds. “Professionals developing professionals who are ready for anything”.
Vision - Every student deserves hope and a vision for themselves, fueled by aspirations and a belief that they can accomplish their dreams.
Goal- Provide instruction and opportunities that assure ALL learners achieve their maximum potential every day.

Required Application Materials:
• Cover letter
• Resume
• A minimum of three letters of recommendation with at least one from the most recent direct supervisor.
• Statement identifying your core beliefs about teaching and learning and their impact on your leadership.
• Statement describing an influential mentor. The statement should clearly identify how that mentor influences your work as an educational leader.
Application Link:

Closing Date: The position will remain open until it is filled.
Screening of applications will begin February 14, 2022.
Interviews begin February 22, 2022
Position will begin July 1, 2022

Salary Range: $127,957 – $147,162
OEBB Insurance Benefits /TSA /Paid Holidays

Contact Information:
Jennifer Ellis
Director of Human Resources