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Secondary Science Teacher

Rainier Jr/Sr High School

Rainier School District

Secondary Science Teacher

$1,000 signing bonus ($500 after signing and $500 upon successful completion of the first year)


The Science teacher promotes and develops a successful and engaging math environment for students in our district. The teacher will be responsible for both group and individual instruction of math students with an emphasis on students who do not meet or struggle to meet the state standards. Monitors student progress and adjusts curriculum to meet students’ needs.


Holds an appropriate license and an Advanced Math endorsement from Teacher Standards and Practices Commission in the State of Oregon.
Meets the minimum criteria for Highly Qualified designation.
Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of Positive Behavior Support.
Demonstrates command of oral and written English language.
Knowledge and understanding of the Oregon/Common Core state standards and a commitment to help students succeed on the Oregon State Assessments.
Preferred training and/or experience; or willingness to take coursework to increase knowledge and use of the following instructional and management strategies to include:
Effective Instructional Strategies
Proficiency-based teaching and learning
Problem Solving Strategies
Common Core State Standards
Mathematical Processes
Smarter Balanced Assessments
Collaborative Professional Learning Communities/Data Teams
Must be qualified to:
Implement a variety of summative and formative assessments
Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to use research-based curriculum and principles of effective instruction.
Organize instruction using learning objectives with clearly defined student outcomes.
Uses methods and materials that most appropriately support the math standards.
Provide differentiated math instruction to at-risk students.
Develop and maintain a classroom environment that promotes learning and communicate those expectations to all students.
Prepare effectively for each class.
Prepare daily lesson plans.
Provide instruction based on both the district Math standards and individual student needs.
Communicate grading standards to students and parents.
Provide documentation of student progress.
Maintain appropriate records of student progress.
Provide timely and accurate feedback/documentation to students and parents.
Assign and check homework and provide feedback, when appropriate.
Keep parent, teachers and administrators informed through written and oral communication.
Build motivation and interest in learning.
Maintain an ongoing personal program of professional growth and development.
Participate in District sponsored in-service offerings.
Attend all required training and staff developments.
Act as an instructional leader in the area of Math and Literacy.
Provide information to teachers about best practices in the area of math and literacy.
Assist other teachers in the location and preparation of math materials.
Help develop learning opportunities for teachers and instructional assistance in the area of Math instruction and Literacy.

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Rainier School District is an equal opportunity employer and educator. It is the policy of the Rainier School District Board of Education and School District that there will be no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, national origin, age or disability in any educational programs, activities or employment.