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Quality Improvement Specialist Job #1109

Southern Oregon ESD
Closing date: 
Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Position Goal:
Serve as Quality Improvement Specialist (QIS or coach) to child care providers with the purpose of improving provider knowledge and ability to deliver quality care and education program. Coach’s role may include working with individuals or groups to offer technical assistance, training, and resources. Coaches may conduct pre-post assessments of child care environments, teacher-child interactions, or other quality indicators. Coach may work with providers to develop a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) to strengthen areas identified in the assessment and to support providers to implement their QIPs.
Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Complete all required training from Western Oregon University to qualify as a QIS
2. Deliver coaching to child care providers with the goal of improving provider knowledge and ability to deliver quality care and education programs, including appropriate environments, activities, and teacher-child interaction, among other areas. Coaching will be on-site and may also be by phone, email, or other means. Coaching and technical assistance will be delivered in a supportive and collaborative manner built on coach’s ability to establish a strong and positive relationship with the provider.
3. Deliver coaching services using a variety of strategies proven to be effective with adult learners.
4. Locate and deliver resources and present individual or group training, if appropriate, and ensure that information shared with providers is accurate, research based, and relevant.
5. Work effectively with providers to develop a QIP and support implementation.
6. Submit all required paperwork accurately and completely.
7. Represent Child Care Resource Network and raise awareness of indicators of quality child care, the importance of early childhood and school readiness, and other critical areas of the field.
8. Follow established SOESD procedures and policies.
9. Perform physical requirements unaided or with the assistance of reasonable accommodation.
10. Perform other job relate duties as assigned by supervisor.
11. Establish and maintain cooperative work relationships with SOESD employees, local education agency representatives and others contacted during the course of the workday.

Minimum Prerequisites:
1. Valid Oregon Driver License.
2. English proficiency.
3. Solid working knowledge of child care related programs and related community resources; child abuse reporting and child care regulations and licensing.
4. Excellent self-management skills and the ability to take initiative, work independently within established guidelines and with a diverse group of participants and partners.
5. Proficiency in use of a variety of computer programs and the internet.
6. Knowledge of community resources within the service delivery area.
7. Positive, flexible attitude.
8. Demonstrated effective communication skills, teamwork, and professionalism.

Preferred Qualifications
1. Degree in early childhood or related field preferred.
2. Experience preferred providing early childhood training.
3. Mentoring and coaching experience preferred.
4. Bilingual preferred.

The equivalent combination of experience, training, certification, education or degree that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities may be used as an alternative to prerequisites.
Length of Position: As determined by supervisor
Salary: Southern Oregon ESD Classified Salary Schedule
Hourly Salary Rage: $16.78 - $23.01
Immediate Supervisor: Program Administrator

If interested in seeking employment as an SOESD Quality Improvement Specialist, please apply directly by visiting our website at and look for posting #1109. Here you will find a complete job description, requirements and application. To be considered for this position, a formal application must be submitted through our website. The SOESD is an equal opportunity employer. SOESD provides a competitive salary and benefit package.