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Educational Assistant

Pilot Rock Middle/High School
Closing date: 
Monday, September 27, 2021

Pilot Rock Secondary School is seeking an outstanding educational assistant beginning as soon as possible. The position will work four days a week, 7.25 hours per day. Starting wage is $14.84 per hour.

The job description is as follows:

* Meet the minimum educational requirements of the State of Oregon
* Able to establish good relationships with students
* Able to promote academic achievement

Performance Responsibilities:
* Meet the learning needs of individual students by assisting the teacher in planning instructional strategies appropriate for the students, subject matter, and the desired learning outcomes
* Cooperate with the classroom teacher to establish parameters for student behavior and to communicate them clearly
* Motivate students to accomplish stated objectives
* Give clear directions and check for student understanding
* Use time and materials effectively in relation to lesson goals and objectives
* Assist the teacher in acquiring or creating appropriate instructional materials
* Gather and submit data and maintain records on each student as requested by the classroom teacher
* Provide supervision for playground, hallways, or cafeteria as assigned
* Maintain professional standards
* Perform other reasonable duties that may be assigned to meet the unique needs of each student
* Comply with district performance standards as follows:
- Perform work in an efficient, organized, and quality manner.
- Comply with all district policies and procedures
- Be punctual, dependable, and complete assigned work in a timely manner.
- Follow instructions and accept suggestions in a positive manner.
- Work with others in a cooperative and positive manner.
- Demonstrate personal habits and maintain appearances that are positive models for our students.
- Deal with students and the public in a pleasant and courteous manner.
- Take proper care and demonstrate a concern for supplies and equipment.
- Communicate with supervisor about concerns.
- Keep employee and school business confidential.
- Maintain a friendly and cooperative attitude around supervisors, staff, students, and the general public.
* Other duties as assigned by the principal.


Performance of this job will be evaluated by the building principal in accordance with procedures established by the Board.

A complete application packet includes the following documents:

* Letter of Interest
* Current Resume
* Completed and signed district employment application (attached)

Please email the application documents to District Secretary Michelle Hoeft @ In lieu of email, application documents may be hand delivered to Pilot Rock Elementary School @ 200 Vern McGowan Drive.

Thank you for your interest in Pilot Rock School District!