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Japanese Teacher

Sheridan Japanese School

Sheridan Japanese School, a public charter school, is looking for a part-time, non-temporary, Japanese language teacher for grades 4 through 12 and levels beginning Japanese to Honors. Sheridan Japanese School is a small but stable charter school that focuses on the instruction and experience of the Japanese language and culture. Our Japanese language focus is on communication, not on perfection. We want our students to feel safe trying and failing at that communication and feeling empowered to try again.

Being a charter school, staff members are given a great deal of freedom in designing and instructing. We support teacher autonomy. We encourage our Japanese teachers to participate in language advocacy activities as well as in professional development activities across the state and nation (COFLT, ACTFL). Class sizes range from 3 to 22 students. Our Japanese teachers will work with the rest of our staff to foster the Japanese language and culture in our school.

We are seeking a part-time Japanese teacher who can teach multiple levels (grade and proficiency), is a team player, wants to run their own classrooms, and is passionate about the Japanese language and culture.

Licensed teacher under the TSPC or BA/MEd/MAT in Education. MA in Japanese is preferred but not required.
Experience working with children in grades 4 to 12.
Ability to speak, read, write, and understand Japanese close to fluency.
Fluent in English - reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
Excellent oral and written skills.
Competency in a wide variety of Japanese language/culture teaching techniques.
Computer literacy.
Excellent rapport with children.
Strong interpersonal skills.

Experience in maintaining and starting exchange (sister-school, pen pals, etc.) relationships.
Active member of COFLT and ATJO/AATJ (or other professional organizations) and willing to attend/present at conferences.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
Provide engaging, differentiated instruction driven by ongoing assessment and reflection.
Develop positive relationships with students, parents, co-workers, director, and community.
Effectively manage classroom instruction time.
Maintain high expectations for behavior
Uphold our school Code: Respectful, Sensible, Persistent, Brave, and Proud.
Motivate students to achieve at their highest ability and potential through a well-structured and dynamic classroom plan, aiming for high expectations yet demonstrating sensitivity to different learning styles.
Design and maintain Japanese language and culture advocacy projects such as our Japan Trip, Taiko team, Aozora Gakkou Summer Camp, sister-school relationships, etc.
Attend conferences and be an active member of our local and national Japanese language organizations.

Interested Applicants:
Please submit - via email, snail mail, or in person - the following:
Cover Letter
Current Resume/CV
Unofficial Transcript
Copy of Oregon Teaching License, or statement of plan to acquire
Three letters of recommendation

Applications to:
Jen Schulze
Executive Director
430 SW Monroe St.
Sheridan, OR 97378