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High School Principal - Lebanon High School

Lebanon Community School District


TYPE: Administration

REPORTS TO: Superintendent

SALARY: Starting at $108,747 - $120,065


The primary purpose of this position is to organize, administer, and supervise all aspects of the school program in order to maximize the educational opportunity and academic achievement of all students. The principal is expected to act as the instructional and climate leader of the school, and assume primary responsibility for the development and implementation of continuous school improvement activities.

1. Master's Degree plus additional specialization in educational administration.
2. Criminal history clearance.
3. Oregon Administrative License with Administrator endorsement.

1. Leads the development, implementation, revision, and evaluation of the curriculum.
2. Directs and supervises all building staff members in their duties.
3. Observes and consults with instructional staff concerning improvement of instructional techniques and practices, and provides training and staff development activities pertaining to responsibilities of assigned staff.
4. Assists in recruiting, screening, and hiring of all school staff.
5. Assigns, orients, and evaluates all school staff.
6. Cooperates and coordinates with district resource personnel providing instructional and support services.
7. Oversees the implementation of individual plans (IEP/504/TAG/etc.) for students as needed.
8. Supervises the system of assessment, record keeping, and reporting of student progress toward standards of achievement.
9. Implements a program of public relations, interprets school programs and policies, and encourages public participation.
10. Assumes responsibility for a safe and orderly environment for students and staff, including conduct of emergency drills, and responding to emergency situations.
11. Establishes student attendance and discipline program.
12. Supervises or directs supervision of the school campus and school events.
13. Coordinate and seeks involvement of outside agencies, including law enforcement, as needed.
14. Monitors appropriate care of building facilities and makes referrals as needed.
15. Completes and submits reports, records, and other information as required by district administrators.
16. Prepares and submits the school budget and monitors expenditures.
17. Attends professional meetings and conferences as needed to maintain current knowledge.
18. Assists parents and community members as needed.
19. Interprets and implements all legal requirements, Board policies, administrative regulations, and negotiated agreements.
20. Maintains the confidentiality of sensitive and confidential information related to district financial, collective bargaining, and legal matters.
21. Works harmoniously with others and communicates effectively (both orally and in writing) with students, parents and staff.
22. Provides direction to others and makes independent judgments.
23. Operates computer and software programs as related to job responsibilities.
24. Frequent or prolonged standing, walking and sitting.
25. Frequent and prolonged talking/hearing conversations.

1. This position is primarily performed indoors in school buildings although some outdoor supervision is required.
2. This position requires travel between school sites and the district office. (The employee is responsible for supplying a vehicle for this and other position related travel and will be reimbursed for approved mileage.)
3. Possible exposure to bodily fluids due to student or employee injury or illness.
4. Evenings and/or extended work hours are often required.
5. May be required to obtain a First Aid and/or CPR Card and serve as a Delegated Caregiver or Designated First Aid Provider.
6. Occasionally performs other duties as required by supervisor.

The employee has regular attendance at work and work activities, and is punctual in meeting deadlines, attending meetings, and following schedules.

The employee is dressed and groomed in a neat, clean, and appropriate professional manner for the assignment and work setting.

The employee maintains the integrity of confidential information relating to a student, family, colleague, or district patron. The employee uses or relays personal information only in the course of performing assigned responsibilities and in the best interest of the individuals involved.

The employee follows all district or supervisor policies, rules, regulations, memos, bulletins, announcements, applicable position descriptions, and reasonable requests by proper authority.

All licensed employees will meet the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) Standards for Competent and Ethical Educators.

Current work year is approximately 228 paid days, subject to change.
Salary and benefits as determined by District Board.

Performance in this position will be evaluated in accordance with District policy and regulation concerning personnel evaluation.