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Prinicpal @ Alliance Alternative High School

Portland Public Schools
Closing date: 
Thursday, October 31, 2019

The mission of Alliance High School is to provide unique opportunities that support students’ academic, social, and emotional development.  Alliance is currently located on two campuses and each of these campuses also has its own mission and vision statements.  These are:

Alliance at Benson:

Vision:  At Alliance at Benson/Reconnection Center we offer a flexible and supportive community where we honor where students are coming from and connect them to where they are going. 

Mission:  Our mission is to educate individuals to think and communicate critically, creatively, and effectively as they become life-long learners and contributing citizens of the world.

Alliance at Meek: 

Vision:  At Alliance at Meek, we strive to provide a positive, authentic, culturally sustaining community that supports students to graduate from high school and transition to post-secondary opportunities that lead to family-wage jobs.  

Mission:  Our mission is to provide academic and professional-technical opportunities and support that motivate students to remain in school to learn the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to become a contributing member of society.

The Opportunity:  Alliance High School was created in the early 21st century as a school that uses unique interventions to support students who have dropped out or are at risk of not graduating.  One time a school with four campuses, Alliance now has two campuses and is preparing to become one, unified campus with a new building, scheduled to open the Fall of 2023. 

Unique Features:  Alliance staff and administrators work hard to maintain a positive school climate through community building, culturally-sustaining practices, restorative practices, mindfulness, a robust social-emotional orientation program, advisory, social work and counseling services, positive behavioral support, and other features.  Alliance teachers use career-technical education, project-based learning, flexibility, and real world applications to engage students who have not been well-served by other schools.  Alliance students come from throughout the school district to attend this high school and consistently demonstrate gains in learning, achievement, and diploma-earning.  Alliance has been rated in the top 50 of Oregon’s 282 high schools for the last two years.

Alliance serves approximately 300 students with rolling and cohort enrollment schedules specific to each campus.

We are seeking a collaborative, experienced educator with knowledge of alternative education and a passion for equity to join PPS in this HS Principal position. 

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Promote a positive, safe and caring climate for learning; create a welcoming environment that reflects and supports the racial and ethnic diversity of the student population and communities served; communicate effectively with students, staff and parents.

Lead development, evaluation and improvement of instructional programs which provide access and support to rigorous and culturally relevant instruction for all students.

Lead development of school improvement plans with staff, parents, and community members; develop, maintain, and use information systems to track progress on school performance objectives and academic excellence indicators.

Regularly observe classroom instruction and work to improve employee performance as principle evaluator for employee evaluation systems. Ensure equitable access to curriculum standards, programs, and materials regardless of race or achievement levels.

Build a shared leadership team which reflects diverse perspectives. Develop and mentor others with an emphasis on administrative team members.

Ability to prioritize students at the center of decision making with a lens towards racial equity and social justice.  

Establish and maintain a school climate where all students are successful and engaged in meaningful learning.

Ensure a fair and equitable interview and selection process for open positions. Create a welcoming and supportive environment for new employees.

Articulate the school's vision to the community and solicit its support in accomplishing the mission; use appropriate and effective techniques to encourage community and parent involvement.

Actively engage and advocate for historically underserved families of color, including those whose first language may not be English, as essential partners in their student’s education, school planning and decision-making.

Develop measurable goals for student growth; align with PPS Milestones and/or the PPS Equity Goals; collect baseline and progression data to identify and implement strategies for improvement.  Identify implementation actions and regularly report on progress.

Supervise or delegate all school operations, including daily school activities, the development of class schedules, teacher and school support staff assignments, and extracurricular activity schedules.

Supervise and support instruction by providing professional development to strengthen employees’ knowledge and skills for accelerating achievement for all students and eliminate historic barriers; establish instructional systems for monitoring student progress, assessment and accountability to eliminate the effects of institutional racism.

Manage and report on various school budgets and finances; ensure compliance with PPS procedures, policies and state and federal requirements.

Manage a positive student behavior system; promote social justice; ensure student discipline is appropriate and equitable.

Represent the district and assigned school in meetings, workshops, conferences and professional activities at and away from the school site.

Use District IT systems to perform routine tasks, such as performance management assessments; accessing financial reports; student data systems; and managing school staffing and budget information.

Support District initiatives and priorities aligned with implementing a rigorous curriculum to prepare students to be successful.

Perform related duties as assigned.

Leadership Characteristics

Racial Equity:  Leaders are able to adapt to a variety of situations and are committed to racial equity.  They are able to build cultural awareness through self-reflection to identify one’s own racial and ethnic identity development.  Leaders must invite multiple perspectives, actively listen and be willing to change by understanding the relationship between intent and impact of their decision.

Vision:  Leaders inspire others to ideal future by providing a shared vision among stakeholders and by developing goals that focus on the District strategic initiatives.  They are able to paint a big picture for others to understand the purpose of their work.

Communication:  Leaders motivate others to understand their role and impact on the District’s vision through open communication that is proactive, sensitive and transparent.  A powerful communicator is one who is aligned with the values of the organization and models listening, writing and speaking skills that build trust.

Organizational and Accountability Capability:  Leaders hold others accountable to the values of the organization and hold themselves accountable for final outcomes by establishing clear structures for work to be accomplished.

Political Skill:  Leaders build coalitions and bridges by cultivating support through sensitivity to relationships, understanding others’ perspectives, and by bringing others together to attain educational equity for all students.

Trust and Integrity:  Leaders must be truthful and open to establish trust.  They must also establish caring relationships and create an environment that fosters open and honest discussions.

Minimum Qualifications

A State of Oregon issued Administrative License is required at the time of appointment.

A minimum of two (2) years of successful school administrative leadership experience in an educational setting with demonstrated results in improving the academic performance of students required.  

Special Requirements:

Positions in this classification may require the use of a personal automobile and possession of a valid Class C Oregon driver’s license.

Work hours will routinely include on- and off-campus evening and weekend activities and meetings and district, school and student functions

Preferred Qualifications

Experience working in a richly diverse school community and environment and bilingual or multilingual skills are preferred.

Any other combination of education, training and experience which demonstrates the candidate is likely to possess the skill, knowledge, ability and trait characteristics essential for this classification may be considered.


This position is classified as Principal K-12, on the Licensed (Certified) Administrator Salary Schedule FLSA Exempt. The Licensed (Certified) Administrator Salary Schedule for 233 day employees can be found here:

For more details, the complete Classification Specification can be viewed here:

Selection Process and Closing Date

This job is open until filled.  Applications will be reviewed as received.  Completed applications will be vetted through paper screening with selected candidates receiving a phone interview.  Further processes will include a in person district interview and a school site interview prior to finalist interview with the Superintendent. Applicants who are successful at the district interview stage may be part of finalist pool that participates in school based openings as they become available in the spring. Portland Public Schools reserves the right to make a hiring decision at any point during the posting period.

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The District is focused on eliminating systemic racism and its impact on student learning.

PPS is committed to equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in all its educational and employment activities. The District prohibits discrimination based on race; national or ethnic origin; color; sex; religion; age; sexual orientation; gender expression or identity; pregnancy; marital status; familial status; economic status or source of income; mental or physical disability or perceived disability or perceived disability; or military service. Portland Public Schools is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.