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Director of Research, Assessment & Evaluation

Northwest Regional Education Service District

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Department: Administration 
Location: Washington Service Center
Compensation: Administrative Salary Schedule - 230 days 
Supervises: Professional and Support Staff
FTE: 1.0
Start date: 11/12/2019
Job Post Closing Date: Open Until Filled

NW REGIONAL ESD'S MISSION STATEMENT: In partnership with the communities we serve, Northwest Regional ESD improves student learning by providing equitable access to high quality services and support.

NWRESD is the largest of Oregon’s 19 ESDs, serving twenty school districts and more than 123,000 students in four counties in the NW corner of the state. The agency is highly regarded for its leadership in the state in Special Student Services, Instructional Services, and Technology. The regional office is in Hillsboro, home to many high technology companies such as Intel. It is less than 90 minutes from the ski resorts of Mt. Hood and windsurfing in the Columbia Gorge to the east, and to the beautiful northern coast of Oregon to the west. If you don’t already live here, we invite you to explore this outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

General Description:

The Director of Research and Evaluation is responsible for the leadership and administration of agency-wide functions involving educational research, analysis, assessment and reporting connected with the initial and ongoing implementation of the Student Success Act.
The Director provides technical assistance and coaching to NWRESD and its component school districts in strategic planning processes with a focus on Student Success Act resources, including prioritization of requests for data and reports; utilization of educational research in program design; development of measurable and time bound goals and objectives; design of effective formative, interim and summative measurement strategies and metrics; and, evaluation of outcomes related to ongoing continuous improvement planning.
The Director deepens the systemic use of data-driven decision making and research-based accountability measures in the selection and evaluation of programs and services in order to bring about the continuous improvement of student, school, district, and regional outcomes. This position supports NWRESD and component school district educators and policy makers in strategic planning and promoting a culture of accountability for outcomes. The Director focuses on the development and dissemination of analytical data related to region-wide programs and services, with a primary focus on how they impact student outcomes. This position identifies and evaluates key educational performance indicators, including trend data, and provides leadership for institutional planning activities for the NWRESD and its component school districts, both short-range and long-range.?

Qualifications: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

• Any combination of education and/or experience that provides the applicant with the knowledge and skills required to perform the job will be considered:
    a. Masters degree in Education, Psychology, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or related field;
    b. 7 or more years of experience in a similar position.
• Demonstrated commitment to the belief that all students can learn, to educational equity and anti-racism, and to the NWRESD’s vision and mission.
• Background leading educational institutions in all facets of strategic and continuous improvement plan design, implementation, and evaluation.
• Knowledge of research-based curriculum, instruction and assessment practices, especially relative to systematic intervention with struggling learners and students of varying cultural heritages and language proficiencies.
• History of training educators on how to effectively team to leverage formative, interim, and summative data sets.
• Ability to communicate effectively and work collaboratively with NWRESD and component district staff, the Oregon Department of Education, parents, and community members.
• Demonstrated ability to approach problems and issues from multiple perspectives towards recommending multiple ways of analyzing data to address research questions.
• Proficiency in advanced principles, practices, procedures, theories, models, and techniques involved in the research, collection, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of data.
• Knowledge of measurement theories and experience with the design, validity, and reliability of instruments.
• Demonstrated ability to absorb, analyze, and organize information and ideas and to present oral and written reports in a manner appropriate to audiences with diverse backgrounds.
• Functional knowledge of, and skilled at communicating, the methodologies utilized by the Oregon Department of Education to establish, measure, analyze and report longitudinal student growth targets.
• Demonstrated proficiency developing data and assessment systems within a Multi-tiered Systems Framework (e.g., RTIi, PBIS).
• Proficiency in developing data and assessment systems to support school-based Professional Learning Teams and similar teacher-driven data teaming processes.
• Experience managing budgets and multiple priorities, leading and supervising staff, adapting to change, and meeting timelines.

Essential functions: Include the following. Performs some or all of the following tasks. Other Duties may be assigned. The duties listed below are not inclusive, but characteristic of the type and level of work assigned for this position.

Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Research and Evaluation Director:

• Provides technical assistance and coaching to the NWRESD and its component school districts in strategic planning processes with a special focus on the Student Success Act, including prioritization of requests for data and reports, utilization of educational research in program design, development of measurable and time bound goals and objectives, design of effective measurement strategies, and evaluation of outcomes related to ongoing continuous improvement planning.
• Designs and implements systems to leverage school improvement efforts, program evaluation, and data-based decision-making at the school, district, and NWRESD levels.
• Mines data and analyzes complex research data, maintains databases, and designs and implements quantitative and qualitative research, particularly with regard to monitoring trends.
• Provides leadership for the planning and development of evaluation systems for NWRESD and its component school districts to obtain information on achievement of agency and district goals and objectives.
• Provides leadership for the planning and implementation of institutional research to meet the needs of NWRESD and component school district administrators.
• Serves as the agency resource and repository for comprehensive, valid, and reliable information regarding key instructional performance indicators and the characteristics of students and their communities.
• Provides professional development to NWRESD and to district and school leadership staff regarding strategic planning, evaluation processes, the interpretation of data, and data-based decision making.
• Determines and defines the variables most appropriate for answering questions related to the impact of programs and services on student outcomes.
• Establishes and routinely reinforces the expectation among staff that every new and existing program should include an evaluation component that is systematically implemented, with resulting information shared for decision-making purposes.
• Assists districts, schools and departments in identifying quality indicators and in defining process and product outcomes pertinent to specific objectives.
• Assists educators in learning how to analyze and interpret assessment/evaluation data and then how to use that information to adjust their professional practices.
• Prepares reports and recommendations for the Superintendent and Board of Education as needed to inform decision making and to comply with state and federal regulations and service district policies, including documentation of progress toward agency, state, and federal accountability standards.
• Prepares and presents reports to a broad cross-section of internal and external stakeholders in order to inform them about the operations and outcomes of their public education system.
• Works under the direction of the Executive Director of Instruction to collaborate with the Chief Financial Officer, the Director of Human Resources, the Chief Technology Officer and the Superintendent’s Office to align program evaluation and return on investment data with planned expenditures and staffing, in order to promote the most cost-effective use of district resources.

Equal Opportunity Employer
NWRESD believes that every individual makes a significant contribution to our success. The administration reserves the right to modify, add or remove duties as necessary that still reflect the essential functions of the department. It is our expectation that every employee will offer their services wherever and whenever necessary to ensure the success of the ESD’s goals.

NWRESD recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups. It is the policy of NWRESD that there will be no discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, marital status, age, veteran status, genetic information or disability in any educational programs, activities, or employment.