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Elementary Assistant Principal

Glide Elementary
Closing date: 
Thursday, March 5, 2020

Job definition: Under general direction from the principal has a variety of management responsibilities specifically assigned to assist in the overall administrative operation of the school including student discipline and alternative education. Also serves as the primary coordinator and supervisor of GES activities.

Reports to: GES Principal

Job Characteristics: Serves as an assistant to the principal of GES. Assumes the authority and responsibilities delegated by the principal. Chief duties are supervisory in nature and augment the responsibilities and duties of the principal. Responsibilities include but not limited to: planning, organizing and directing student discipline protocol, 504s, alternative education, and student activities. Requires considerable ability to be organized, organize others, and communicate effectively. Must communicate with the principal, maintain and evaluate staff and evaluate.

Essential Functions:
1. Evaluates and recommends retention, promotion, transfer, and termination of staff as delegated by the principal.
2. Directly supervises staff as delegated.
3. Plans, organizes, implements, and evaluates curriculum.
4. Assists with the expenditure and accounting of student body funds.
5. Participates in budget construction.
6. Assists with the preparation of school handbooks and other publications related to the school’s operation and programs.
7. Assists faculty members in scheduling extra-curricular activities, including assignment and formulating duties of chaperones.
8. Organized and maintains a system of reporting student discipline and progress while working directly with staff that exhibit need for support.
9. Directly supervises students and maintains a program of effective student discipline.
10. Organizes and maintains a system for student attendance procedures.
11. Assumes responsibility of principal in their absence.
12. Organizes and maintains system for students on 504s.
13. Ensures student and staff safety in emergency or volatile situations.
14. Works with principal to oversee alternative education programs.
15. Follows all district policies and procedures.
16. Assists with the recruitment, placement and evaluation of staff.
17. Ensures all staff complete required SafeSchools and trainings by required date.
18. Works with principal to coordinate use of all fields and facilities.
19. Oversees and maintains an updated inventory of all equipment and supplies.
20. Works cooperatively with facilities manager and principal to maintain all fields, athletic facilities, and buildings.
21. Cooperates with community organizations such as Glide Rec and Cal Ripken to oversee use of athletic facilities.