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Director of Secondary Education

Greater Albany School District

Location: Albany, Oregon

Position Summary: Supervises and evaluates the work of Secondary Principals. Responsible for the growth, leadership and effectiveness of all middle and high school principals. Collaborates with colleagues in effectively planning, directing and administering the development and continuous improvement of the district’s instructional program in grades 6-12, including curriculum services, instructional best practice, state and local assessments, and district programs as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

Current Oregon Administrative Licensure through Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission
Criminal history verification/clearance
Bilingual/Bi-cultural candidates preferred but not required

Essential Functions:
Professional Relationships with Administrators, Teachers, Staff, Partner Organizations and the Public
Perform duties as assigned by the Assistant Superintendent.
Interact with colleagues, teachers and staff in a manner that develops and maintains confidence in the district’s instructional programs.
Respond to questions and concerns from the public in a manner that enhances community confidence in, and support for, the district’s programs and services.
Communicate and perform in a manner that consistently demonstrates sensitivity and respect for individual learning styles and persons of diverse cultural backgrounds.
Represent the district in communicating with the School Board and community as requested.


Direct the planning, development, implementation and improvement of the district’s curriculum in all curricular areas, including core programs and supplemental/intervention programs, for grades 6-12.
Plan and direct the district’s adoption process for new instructional materials and textbooks, grades 6-12.
Leads/supports principals in their work helping staff align curriculum and practice.


Demonstrate knowledge of instructional “best practice,” and the ability to assess the quality of classroom instruction and coach for improvement.
Plan and direct the development and implementation of the district’s instructional program at the secondary level.
Assist in the organization and implementation of a staff development plan for licensed staff grades 6-12.
Support the application of instructional technology as appropriate in secondary schools.


Demonstrate knowledge of effective classroom assessment practices, and the ability to coach for improvement.
Interpret and report state and district assessment results to schools, the School Board and community.
Ensure that systems for reporting student achievement to parents are current and effective.

Instructional Program Direction

Assist with the development of the district’s Continuous Improvement Plan.
Direct the School Improvement Planning process at the secondary level.
Supervise the implementation of the district’s program for Talented and Gifted Learners grades 6-12.
Manage the district’s Division 22 compliance reporting processes.

Facilitate meetings of secondary principals.
Manage the district’s Titles II-A, II-D, III and V program development, compliance and reporting requirements.
Guide and facilitate the implementation of professional learning communities in secondary schools.
Assist in the implementation of the district’s New Teacher orientation program.


Supervises all Secondary School principals.
Supervises AVID TOSA.
Completes the necessary observations/evaluations of administrators and requires the same of assistant principals.

Apply to: Please visit our school district website at and click on Jobs for link to TalentEd.