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Music Teacher

Glide School District

JOB DEFINITION: Under the general supervision of a building principal, performs a variety of tasks with major responsibility being the instruction and supervision of students.

REPORTS TO: Building principal.

JOB CHARACTERISTICS: Instruction of students shall include skill development, the expansion of knowledge and developing the ability to reason. Responsibilities include supervision, guidance, discipline, and safety of students. The use of independent judgment and decision making is required in many matters not having established rules, regulations, policies or precedent.

1. Identifies the needs of individual students by continuous assessment of their abilities.
2. Uses identified student needs to plan instruction.
3. Prepares and writes instructional plans.
4. Uses a variety of appropriate methods and materials to implement instructional plans.
5. Organizes and manages classroom to create the optimum learning conditions.
6. Applies learning theories to meet the needs of students.
7. Evaluates and reports student progress.
8. Supervises students in and out of the classroom.
9. Initiates, plans, and carries out parent conferences.
10. Initiates and maintains communication with parents and colleagues.
11. Plans and coordinates the activities of educational assistants and other para-professionals as assigned.

1. Participates in inservice and professional development activities.
2. Assists in the assessment of building level needs and the planning required to meet those needs.
3. Attends meetings and serves on committees as assigned or directed (or if individual volunteers).
4. Sets and carries out goals each year.