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Columbia Regional Program - Teacher of the Visually Impaired-EI/ECSE - 1.0 FTE

Portland Public Schools

This position is for the 2021/2022 SY.


The Teacher of the Visually Impaired-EI/ECSE is responsible for the provision of specialized services to families of young children who are blind, visually impaired, or at risk for a visual impairment, birth to five years of age. The TVI will provide ongoing assessments, home instruction, and resource information to families in the natural environment for the child and family. The TVI will collaborate with the child’s family and IFSP team, and support caregivers as advocates for their child through documented family centered best practices.


Direct Services:

- Provide home visits to families, or in the natural environment of the child, supporting parent-caregiver/child interactions through developmentally appropriate play activities and effective coaching strategies.
-Works with both families and IFSP teams to develop learning adaptations appropriate for a child who has a visual impairment.
-Assist family at the pediatric ophthalmologist visits to interpret eye reports and medical information.
-Provides family and child’s team with information about visual diagnosis and the effects of vision loss on early childhood development.
-Conducts developmental and functional vision assessment using observation, parent interview, and formal assessment strategies. Provide assessment information to the child’s family, IFSP team and medical team for initial evaluation and progress assessments.
-Provides social/emotional support for families as appropriate.
-Helps parents advocate effectively for their child and family.
-Provides timely, responsive, and consistent services to children, families and teams.
-Braille/Pre-braille instruction and family support

Outreach Services:

-Consults with community based providers of related services and professional early intervention systems on behalf of children with visual impairment and family such as attending medical visits, IFSP and transition IEP meetings, program visits, etc.
-Provide workshops and training for parents and professionals, as needed.
-Participate as an active member of transition teams to provide vision information and agency collaboration for children transitioning from early intervention to school district preschool programs and kindergarten

Case Management Responsibilities:

-Maintain client files including referral sheet, home visit contact notes, permission to exchange information forms, medical records (current eye reports), functional vision assessments, and progress notes.
-Complete appropriate due process forms to develop and implement the IFSP related to the child's needs.
-Develop appropriate systems to monitor student’s progress

Agency Responsibilities:

-Actively participate in staff meetings as well as in-service training.


-BS or MS degree in Education for the Visually Impaired
-Oregon Teacher Certification in Visual Impairment

Preferred Qualifications:

-Knowledge and experience in Early Intervention (Part C IDEA Services) and early childhood development.
-Knowledge and experience working with children with multiple disabilities including children with CVI and deaf-blind.
-Experience as a home-based teacher
-Strong communication skills and interpersonal skills, including effective coaching strategies, with children and adults.
-Strong organizational skills.
-Self-starter with the ability to work independently
-O&M Certification or Completion of O&M program

COMPENSATION: $43,382 - $88,216 (Annual Salary based on 1.0 FTE)


FTE: 1.0

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