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Special Education Teacher - All levels

Salem-Keizer Public Schools

Salem Keizer School District is the second largest school district in Oregon. We serve more than 40, 000 students in 65 schools including alternative schools, charter schools and specialized programs for students with special needs.

We presently have positions available in secondary Learning Resource Centers and elementary/ secondary self-contained classrooms with a focus on behavioral support.
In Learning Resource Centers, teachers are providing assistance to students in math and reading/English either in small group settings or working alongside regular education teachers.
Assigned Responsibilities:
• Plan, prepare and deliver lessons plans.
• Instruct and monitor students in the use of learning materials.
• Develop and implement instructional practices and strategies.
• Support students in meeting rigorous learning goals and engage students to develop deep understanding on content.
• Develop and implement appropriate IEP goals and objectives.
• Consult and work with other special education and regular education teachers to provide specific student information and assistance in designing individualized programs.
• Supervise classroom assistants as well as one to one assistants
• Provide and revise all necessary IEP documents; prepare for IEP meetings; provide and interpret data
• Communicate with families as requested

Emotional Growth Centers/Life Skills Centers
In both of these programs, teachers would be asked to support students with severe behavior which prevent them from being in the regular mainstream for a majority of their time.
Assigned Responsibilities:
• Provide a variety of behavioral supports individualized for each student
• Instruct and monitor student behavior; use data to inform daily decisions regarding programming/plans
• Manage student behavior and maintain discipline; provide behavior support in mainstream classes as needed or requested.
• Supervise and organize assistants’ schedules
• Provide and revise all necessary IEP documents; prepare for IEP meetings; provide and interpret data