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COSA-CUC Faculty

Our faculty are Oregon educators, too

There's no ivory tower here – our faculty members are working professionals with years in the Oregon school system. They provide students with the real-world, relevant experience that makes for a truly great education. 

Expertise and authenticity

We carefully choose our faculty members based on their expertise in particular subjects and their practical experience in putting this knowledge to use in their own professional careers.

Certified in course delivery 

Faculty members teaching in the COSA-CU Chicago program are required to complete a certification course that ensures their skill in delivering asynchronous, self-paced course work that builds a collaborative community of learners.

Meet our faculty!

Want to join our team?

We are always looking for skilled Oregon educators to join our dynamic faculty. If working online in a highly collaborative environment with motivated students and dedicated colleagues appeals to you, contact:

I continue to be really impressed with the passion I see from our students.” – Faculty member since 2012