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COSA-CUC Program Offerings

Dedicated to Developing School Leaders

The COSA-CU Chicago program is based on national standards that emphasize instructional leadership and cultural competence. We strive to prepare administrators who have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to lead positive changes in schools so that all learners can be successful.

We make our programs convenient.

All coursework except the administrative internship is offered online via a course delivery system that fosters collaboration among cohort members and allows students to access material at any time.

We make them relevant.

Our internships are year-long rather than one semester, because we believe that a prospective administrator should have a job-embedded, year-long experience that deals with annual improvement and progress, not just a snapshot of limited activities. Internship supervisors are experienced Oregon administrators who have successfully completed mentor and supervision training.

We make them rigorous.

All professors and adjunct professors are trained, mentored and monitored for quality instruction. Oregon administrators teach all PreAL and most ProAL classes.


“I have been able to find ways to make the coursework relevant to my work so it does not simply feel like a “hoop” to jump through.” 
– Doctoral candidate, 2018