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Did you know? The COSA 'umbrella' includes five Boards of Directors

Did you know that COSA has five Boards of Directors?

COSA is an “umbrella” association, with a 14-member Board led by President Cindy Quintanilla, who is Director of Secondary Programs in North Clackamas School District.  There are four associations – called “departments” – under the COSA umbrella.

Each of the four associations under the umbrella also has a Board of Directors (called “Executive Committees”).  Jeff Rose, Superintendent in Beaverton, is President of the Oregon Association of School Executives (OASE), which serves and represents superintendents. Lee Loving, Principal at Ridgeview High School in Redmond, is President of the Oregon Association of Secondary School Administrators (OASSA).  Ericka Guynes, Principal at Earl Boyles Elementary in David Douglas, is President of the Oregon Elementary Principals Association (OESPA).  And Danielle Sheldrake, Administrator of Student Services in Beaverton, is President of the Oregon Association of Central Office Administrators (OACOA).  All COSA members belong to one of the four departments.

About 60 COSA members serve on the various Boards.  Most Board members are elected by a vote of their peers.  Some positions are appointed, to promote diversity of leadership.  Elections are held each March for President-Elect of each organization, as well as for regional representatives to each Board. Positions generally have a term of three years.

For more information about COSA, OASE, OASSA, OESPA and OACOA, please visit the “Our Organizations” section of the COSA Website.