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Falls City Schools District Micke Kidd Named Oregon High School Principal of the Year for 2023

(Salem, Ore.)
The Oregon Association of Secondary School Administrators (OASSA) and the Coalition of Oregon School Administrators (COSA) have named Micke Kidd, High School Principal in Falls City School District, the 2023 Oregon High School Principal of the Year.

Kidd joined Falls City High School in 2008 as a teacher, became a teacher on special assignment, and was named principal in the 2019-2020 school year.  Kidd’s leadership was put to the test as Principal with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on schools. “At a time that was unbearable for many educators, specifically educational leaders nationwide,” said Cory Ellis, Superintendent of Falls City School District, “Mike Kidd stood resolutely before his staff, colleagues, and peers, completely understanding that now was the time for leadership.”

Staff describe Kidd as the calm in the storm, one with a voice of reason, and always ready to support.  He frequently follows conversations with staff by saying, “What can I do to support you?” He has a firm belief that each person can grow and provides thought partnership and coaching for his staff.

Kidd knows each student at Falls City High School. Principals often fill a variety of roles and for Kidd, being a school counselor is a natural match for Kidd. He creates school schedules for each student and monitors data to support each one on their path to graduation.  Kidd developed a school leadership advisory to monitor 9th-grade on-track to graduate data, implement and monitor academic intervention initiatives, and develop an education plan for each student. He was involved in creating the “Ascend Room” at the high school, a place where students can go for additional social-emotional support and academic recovery. Each student matters to Kidd.  

Kidd is connected to students, families, and staff and proactively and collaboratively works with them to ensure students succeed. Superintendent Ellis notes, “His partnership with students and parents creates continuity and consistency that ultimately allowed him to build trust and confidence with the community. Micke Kidd can be described as a torchbearer for education and a champion for kids.”

Craig Hawkins, COSA Executive Director presented the award to Kidd on May 12th. “COSA is honored to have Micke Kidd as the 2023 Oregon High School Principal of the Year,” said Hawkins. “He is an administrator who builds strong relationships with students, families, and his staff, and one who contributes greatly to the Falls City School District.”

Kidd will be recognized at the COSA Annual Conference in Seaside in June and at COSA’s Principals Conference in August.