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Third year of COSA-CUC Leadership Program kicks off this week

The third year of the COSA-CUC Leadership Program began earlier this week, as a new group of teacher leaders entered the Initial Administrative Licensure (IAL) Program, and others continued in initial and continuing licensure, as well as doctoral programs. 

All told, the COSA-CUC program successfully served 120 administrators and teacher leaders, from  more than 100 districts, in its first two years.

“The COSA-CUC IAL program offers the convenience of on-line courses and the opportunity to build face-to-face relationships with the educational leadership community.  It offers the best of both worlds if you’re interested in an administrative leadership program.  Though COSA, my cohort had multiple opportunities to collaborate and connect with veteran administrators, building relationships and establishing resources.  My internship supervisor was skillful, experienced and, most importantly, caring.  I believe her advice and recommendations were instrumental in helping me acquire a position as an elementary school principal,” Kim Scrima said.

“This has been an incredible two years.  Several people in my cohort have expressed that they have never worked harder in their lives.  We were asked early on to take on data-driven, school improvement initiatives.  It is the sort of training that is needed if our next school leaders are to build the capacity necessary to transform Oregon’s most struggling schools into high functioning, high performing communities of learning,” Emily Chadwick said.

The fall semester began August 25.  A second set of courses begins October 20. 

Teachers and administrators who may be interested in a new challenge and want to learn more about any part of the COSA-CUC Leadership Program – just e-mail Trina Hmura.