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Trainings will support teachers, administrators in creating quality classroom assessments

As Oregon moves forward with implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), COSA has partnered with the Educational Excellence Group to provide training that will support teachers and administrators as they move forward with educator effectiveness by creating quality classroom assessments.   The fall CCSS Regional Trainings are scheduled for:

  • Hood River, Best Western, September 22
  • Wilsonville Holiday Inn, September 23
  • Albany Expo Center, September 24

The two-part series for teachers and administrators (a spring series of trainings is set for March 9-11) will provide opportunities to expand the knowledge and skills of participants around best assessment practices. The series will strengthen teachers' ability to utilize classroom assessments to increase student learning, while providing administrators with training in how to use evidence with teachers to measure student growth.  Check out this flier for more information.

This year, COSA is supporting Oregon educators' professional learning of assessment literacy:

  • This support began with the August ODE/COSA Summer Assessment Institute.  This conference yearly provides time to reflect, learn and plan for the upcoming school year.  The Institute opened with a preconference Data Retreat offering teams an opportunity to learn and plan. More than 600 educators attended the main conference, hearing keynoters Dr. Gene Kearns, Aida Walqui and Rick Stiggins while selecting from over 60 sessions to meet their learning needs.  David Douglas Superintendent Don Grotting who brought a team of district leaders stated, "The Summer Assessment Institute was a great event to learn about and share best practices that make a positive difference for all of your children birth to college." 

  • Next, on August 19, Rick Stiggins provided a one day workshop "Increasing Assessment Quality for Teacher Evaluation."  This workshop offered learning around developing and/or selecting assessments that will support teachers as they develop effective student learning growth goals.  Participants received Rick's latest book, Classroom Assessment for Student Learning: Doing It Right, Using It Well, 2nd edition, as a tool to support participants future work.  To find out more about seeing complimentary video's and the CASL book at a reduced rate for you to use at your school district.

  • The 2014-15 Common Core State Standards Regional Trainings  will provide another excellent professional learning opportunity for educators.  Quality assessments are key to reach high levels of student growth and achievement.  These trainings will help build the platform for educator effectiveness  and the creation of high quality SLGs. 

For more information, including registration, click here: 2014-15 Common Core State Standards Regional Trainings.

And please mark your calendars for next year's Summer Assessment Institute, set for August 6-7, 2015, at the Eugene Hilton.