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43rd Annual COSA Seaside Pre-Conference

43rd Annual COSA Seaside Pre-Conference

“The New Era of Leading & Learning” 

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Featured Pre-Conference Speakers:


Dean Richards, Response to Intervention Implementation Coach - Bio
Andrea Hungerford, Attorney, The Hungerford Law Firm - Bio
Rich Cohn-Lee, Attorney, The Hungerford Law Firm - Bio
Jay McTighe, Renowned Educator & Speaker - Bio

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Full-day Workshop with Jay McTighe

"Framework for 21st Century Learning "

A growing number of voices within and outside the educational establishment are calling for an enhanced emphasis on 21st Century Skills.  

This call for focus on 21st century learning raises important and practical questions for educators: 

  • How might we effectively infuse these skills into an already over-crowded curriculum?
  • What assessment practices are needed to assess 21st Century Skills in conjunction with academic standards?
  • What kind of teaching is needed to promote 21st Century Learning?
  • Which current educational practices and school structures are likely to support the attainment of 21st Century Learning outcomes and which may inhibit it? This session will present a practical framework for considering these questions and building a framework to support 21st Century Learning.
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Additional Workshop:
Teacher Pathway Programs: How Districts are Developing Successful Partnerships
12:00 to 4:00 - Best Western