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January 28–29, 2021

2021 OASE/OACOA Winter Conference (Virtual)

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The virtual Oregon Conference for Superintendents, Central Office Administrators will take place this year from January 28-29th. OASE and OACOA will welcome their members to explore best practices and planning for the future challenges related to educational administration, policy and leadership during the pandemic. COSA brings exemplary speakers to present on critical issues that affect students, learning, communities and school systems. Preparation for the upcoming Legislative Session leanings as well as important budgeting and personnel issues are all shared related to implementation of the Student Success Act. By far the most critical timing and highest priority topics of the year are addressed at this Statewide Conference.


OACOA Sponsored Pre-Conference (January 27th, 9:00-12:00): 
OACOA Seminar Series - To Learn more click here.


Featured Main Conference Speakers:

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  • John Hattie, Researcher in Education, Visible Learning - Bio
    • Keynote: Collaborative Impact - What if you could triple the speed of student learning? According to findings by Professor John Hattie, a strong sense of Collective Teacher Efficacy can yield over three years of student growth over one school year. One of the most powerful influences on student learning and achievement, Collective Teacher Efficacy is the belief that, together, educators can positively impact learning. When efficacy is high, teachers show greater persistence and are more likely to try new teaching approaches – especially in virtual learning environments!
  • Karen Mapp, Senior Lecturer on Education, Faculty Director, Education Policy and Management, Harvard - Bio
  • Nancy Hungerford, Attorney, The Hungerford Law Firm
  • Noelle Ellerson Ng, Associate Executive Director, Advocacy and Governance, AASA - Bio
  • Moe Carrick, Leadership Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker - Bio
  • Michael P. Nagler, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools, Mineola Public Schools - Bio
    • Keynote: Leading vs. Adapting - Preparing your district for the 4th Industrial Revolution - The speed of innovation has ushered a new industrial revolution unlike the ones before. How do we reflect on our leadership to prepare our students for a world that is constantly changing and a workforce that is increasingly ambiguous?


OASE and OACOA Presidents: 

The OASE and OACOA Presidents invite you to join us as we celebrate the Oregon Superintendent of the Year award winner Friday, January 29th at 12:30.

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  • Mark Witty, Superintendent, Baker SD - OASE President
  • Elaine Fox, Executive Director of Special Programs, Hillsboro SD


Featured Sessions to Include:

  • 2021 Legislative Session Overview
  • A Key Note Follow-Up: A Continued Conversation with Karen Mapp and Lessons Learned from Community Engagement in the Student Investment Account 
  • A National Perspective of Education Opportunities and Challenges Moving Forward
  • Administrator Licensure and Degree Program: Update and Information
  • All Students Belong & White Nationalism  
  • Budgeting During a Pandemic
  • Career Pathways: MS/HS Students through Admin Candidates - Diversifying the Workforce
  • Federal Systems Funds Update and ESSER II Update 
  • Handling Complaints at the Board Level -- Legal Requirements and Practical Applications
  • How to Support Trauma Informed Practices with an Equity Lens Workshop
  • Leading for Equitable Practices: Grading & Unfinished Learning
  • ODE Mental Health Toolkit: A Resource for Racial Equity, Social-Emotional Learning, and Trauma Informed Practices
  • Panel Discussion: “We Can’t Do It Alone – Comradery in a Time of Crisis”
  • Ready Schools, Safe Learners: Updates and Insights
  • The COVID-19 Slide: How do we recover from unfinished learning?  
  • The Critical Roll of Data - Access to Broadband, eLearning Engagement, Learning Loss Mitigation, Revenue Projections, Financial Scenario Comparisons, and Benefit Packages 
  • What Are Your Best Options If “when” You Receive a Due Process Complaint
Thursday, January 28th 
1:00-1:50 Keynote: Moe Carrick “How You Are Doing is How We Are Doing: Growing Our Resilience”
2:00-2:50 Round 1:
Panel Discussion: “We Can’t Do It Alone – Comradery in a Time of Crisis”
How to Support Trauma Informed Practices with an Equity Lens Workshop
3:00-5:00 Round 2: 
Noelle Ellerson Ng, AASA “A National Perspective of Education Opportunities and Challenges Moving Forward”
Off-the-Record Meeting
Friday, January 29th 
8:00-9:15 Keynote: Karen Mapp “Now More than Ever: Family Engagement is Necessary for Student and School Success”
9:30-10:30 Round 3
10:45-11:45 Round 4
11:45-12:30 Lunch (on your own)
12:30-1:30 Keynote: Michael Nagler "Leading vs. Adapting - Preparing your district for the 4th Industrial Revolution"
Award: Superintendent of the Year
1:45-2:45 Round 5
3:00-4:30 Keynote: John Hattie “Collaborative Impact” 
Other Meetings:
Wednesday, January 27th 
9:00-12:00 OACOA Seminar Series
1:00-2:00 Oregon Small Schools Association Board Meeting
2:00-3:00 Oregon Small Schools Association Membership Meeting
Thursday, January 28th 
11:00-12:30 OACOA Board Meeting
11:00-12:30 OASE Board Meeting


Event Sponsors:

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