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2019 Whole Child Summit

"Isn't It Time We Started Educating the Whole Child?"

Healthy | Safe | Engaged | Supported | Challenged

Our world is changing rapidly, our education system is struggling to keep pace. We're losing too many kids- not only those who are dropping out but also those who are coasting through. We're wasting too much talent. Our students are growing up in a world that is more interconnected and interdependent every day. Yet, too often we are asking students to learn 21st century skills with 20th century tools.

Common sense and research tells us that to do well academically, students must be healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. With the stakes higher than ever before, it makes no sense to shortchange our student's futures. We can do better. Start by participating as a school or district.

Join us for a day long Whole Child Summit with workshops on each of the tenants of the Whole Child: health, safety, engagement, support, and challenges, led by expert practitioners.



Making the Case for the Whole Child 

Oct 11, 2019