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COSA Leads Licensure Programs

Concordia University Chicago recognized as national leader in online education, earns ranking on Best Online Graduate Education Programs list -- read the press release now!

Relevant, Rigorous and Nationally Recognized

In partnership with COSA, Concordia University Chicago has developed licensure and degree programs to support current and future administrators in Oregon. This rigorous online program offers Preliminary and Professional Administrator licensure, as well as the opportunity to pursue a master’s or doctorate degree. COSA’s mission is to develop and support school leaders. Our partner is CAEP-accredited and recognized as a national leader in educational training. Together, we are committed to delivering a program with the highest and most rigorous standards of admission and completion.

We offer advanced degrees.

The program is designed so candidates can achieve an advanced degree. The Oregon PreAL (formerly IAL) candidate can earn a Masters of Arts in School Leadership. The candidate for the Oregon ProAL (formerly CAL) can receive a Doctorate of Education in Leadership. The program also offers coursework for licensed administrators seeking continuing course credit.

We keep it affordable. 

We pledge to maintain costs at or below the mean cost of existing licensure programs in the state. Up to 50% of a candidate’s program credits may, upon transcript review, be transferred in from other regionally accredited graduate schools. Candidates enrolled in degree programs are eligible for financial aid through CU Chicago.

We build community.

Cohorts meet to support one another at workshops, trainings and conferences throughout the year. Staff at COSA are dedicated to helping candidates succeed by helping them with all aspects of the program.

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 “I have seen other program requirements and assignments … the COSA-CUC CAL program is far superior to others.” 

– ProAL candidate, 2018 


TSPC License News

Curious about the administrator license redesign coming from the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission? Click on the links below to check out these resources:

  • PowerPoint update on the administrator license redesign, presented by TSPC Executive Director Anthony Rosilez at COSA's Oregon School Law Conference in December 2018.
  • Comprehensive overview of proposed changes to administrator licensure rules, included in TSPC's December Field Notes (November 2018 Commission meeting debrief).

Top 2%

The Council for the Accreditation of Education Programs has recognized the degree and licensure programs offered through the partnership with Concordia University Chicago as being in the top 2 percent of all graduate education programs nationally.

 Click here for the news release.

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