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November 8, 2016
February 8, 2017

2016-2017 New Special Education Directors/Coordinators Seminar Series

This new seminar series is dedicated to supporting new Directors/Coordinator during their first, second and/or third year of serving their school district as Special Education Directors. 

Additional opportunities to network with Special Education directors will occur during the OACOA Seminar Series: September 23, January 28 and April 21 for the job-alike portion of the agenda.  These meetings will focus on current concerns from the field and areas that need clarifying.  Special Education focused seminars are being planned for November 8 and February 8.  Seminars will be held at the Red Lion in Salem.

The facilitator for the New SPED Director/Coordinator group is Linda Warberg, retired SPED Director of 30+ years and current SPED Department Chair for George Fox University.  She will organize our events and connect new Directors/Coordinators with specialists in the field for further support. 

"Surviving Your First Year"

  • How to Organize Processes and Procedures
  • Working with Building Staff and Administration
  • Dealing with Difficult Parents
  • Understanding Your Budget
  • Completing Staff Evaluations
  • Understanding the New IEP Format and Content
  • Understanding Compliance Reports
  • Learning the File Review process (SPRI)
  • Identifying Professional Development for staff
  • Having Clarity On Inclusion/Pull-Out Models and Specially Designed Instruction 

November 8th Materails:

February 8th Materials:



Red Lion Hotel
3301 Market Street NE
Salem, Oregon 97301
(503) 370-7888


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