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October 13–14, 2016

Eric Jensen - Leading and Teaching with Poverty in Mind 2-Day Workshop

Course Description Day #1: 
"Engaging & Teaching with Poverty In Mind" - This original and special event (by the best-selling author of four books on poverty) gives you the overview of a high-energy, classroom tested, research-based model to erase the academic effects of poverty.  First, you'll learn the science of how students from poverty are different.  Learn specific actionable strategies that target the gap.  You get evidence that every student brain can change.  Plus, you will learn how to break the pattern of failure and how to help turn struggling students into high achieving, motivated learners.  You get evidence that both teachers and entire schools can increase student achievement among the poor. Finally, you'll learn 5 clear action steps you can use to intervene in positive, practical way that every teacher can use immediately to improve student achievement.  Day 1 Handout

Course Description Day #2: 
"Actionable Change with Poverty In Mind" - The second day is all about implementation in your classroom and school. First, you'll learn what makes for a strong professional development day.  Then you'll learn the 6 secret obstacles to school change.  Then you'll learn how to build the 3 most powerful change systems at your school.  Next, you'll learn how to create a unstoppable positive school climate for change.  Finally, you'll develop a plan you can live and succeed with.  Work with your team, celebrate another great day of learning and head back to school ready to go!  Day 2 Handout

Click here for ASCD SmartBrief article.  This NY Times article about the achievement gap has terrific data on a number of Oregon communities.

  Eric Jensen - Bio

Chapter by chapter organizer of Jensen's book "Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind."  This tool provided by Leadership Coaches of Education Northwest, Nanci Schneider and Gerry Crocker.

Prepare your staff with a book study:


Eric Jensen on YouTube:




Hilton Eugene
66 East 6th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon, 97401


7:30-8:00: Registration
8:00-11:45: Morning Session
11:45-12:45: Lunch
12:45-4:30: Afternoon Session


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Hilton Eugene
66 East 6th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon, 97401


Additional Overflow Lodging:
Valley River Inn
1000 Valley River Way
Eugene, Oregon 97401
(541) 743-1000