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March 6–7, 2014

2014 NW Proficiency/Competency Conference

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This event co-sponsored by Business Education Compact.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014
Pre-Conference Three Options

1.  Empowering and Motivating Each Student Through a Performance-based System

After many years of low academic performance throughout the district, California’s Lindsay Unified School District moved to a K-12 performance-based model.  And, since their intentional change in 2007 to a model that ensures academic and social success for all learners, they have been on the national education radar.  Lindsay representatives will share their district’s journey, focusing on strategic and systemic planning and decisions that directly impacted their success. 

Session participants will explore how to advance students through learning only when they have demonstrated proficiency and how to establish clear criteria for grading and reporting student achievement.  They will also investigate how to create clear K-12 life skill targets that hold students accountable for behaviors that lead to college and career success.  Lindsay’s conversion to a system that focuses on high expectations for all students, supported by ongoing professional development for teachers, and strong parent and community communication brings all of the best educational practices together to help each student succeed.


Lana Brown, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction, Lindsay, CA - Bio
Rebecca Midles, Performance-based System Specialist, Lindsay, CA - Bio

2.  Are You Ready?  Is Oregon Ready?

Is Oregon ready to implement state-level proficiency-based practices?  How do our state-level policies and practices support effective district implementation?  What is Oregon’s current potential to deliver a proficiency-based system for our students?  And how do we engage our stakeholders for buy-in?

KnowledgeWorks, a national non-profit with a strong educational advocacy role, will engage Oregon’s educational and political leadership in a robust dialogue that includes features other states have considered and encountered as they implemented proficiency-based policies and practices.  Join educational advocates at all levels in a critical discussion and sharing of practice to guide our “next steps” as a state.


Jesse Moyer, Manager, Strategic Initiatives, KnowledgeWorks Foundation
Lillian Pace, Senior Director of National Policy, KnowledgeWorks Foundation

3.  Designing Your Elementary Proficiency-based Classroom:  District & Classroom Decisions and Practices for Success

What is proficiency? What does the practice look like in an elementary classroom/school? Where is your school or district in the process of implementing proficiency-based classroom practices and reporting?  All of these questions can be answered during this interactive learning session. You will examine the essential components for a vital proficiency-based system.

Teacher implementation rubrics will guide our discussion and activities, and provide clarity for your next steps. You will walk out the door with an action plan to implement proficiency-based practices in your elementary classroom and in your district.  This session is designed for teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders who can team with others to effect change towards proficiency within your district. 

Business Education Compact - BEC in the News December 2013

Peggy Cowens, Elementary Proficiency Trainer, Business Education Compact, NBCT-Generalist/Middle Childhood


Friday, March 7, 2014
Main Conference

Beatrice McGarvey   
Featured Speaker:
Beatrice McGarvey, Educational Consultant, Marzano Research Laboratory

Beatrice McGarvey is an author and private educational consultant, working throughout the US and Canada.  As a consultant for Marzano Research Laboratory, she has a reputation for her vast knowledge and experience with teachers, standards, leadership and organizational development.

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IBM Teachers TryScience Overview
IBM Reading Companion Overview



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